Dakine DLX POV camera case review

The Board Basement have kindly asked me to review this Dakine DLX POV camera case which I have used to take my new GoPro and accessories on my travels.

I have only just started to use a POV camera in the last couple of months but I love it. So, it’s great to have a bag I can carry it and everything that goes with it whilst travelling.

Dakine DLX POV camera case
Dakine DLX POV camera case

My initial thoughts on this case – very sturdy and compact to keep all of my accessories and my cameras safe during travel. 

I actually used the case to keep my GoPro Hero5 with a head strap, wrist strap, car adapter and extendable stick. I also kept my compact camera in there too. The dividers and pockets made it easy to keep my items separate and safe during travel. This is great as I didn’t have to worry about things banging against one another.

The fact that the fleece lined inserts are removable was my favourite feature.  Moving the dividers to suit the items I was putting in there and use the velcro to keep them tight and in place.

I  took the case both in a backpack and a suitcase and it did fit inside both of them well. I use packing cubes so the shape was handy to fit with them.


Key features of the Dakine DLX POV camera case are as follows:

  • Compatible with GoPro and other POV cameras- flexible to fit different cameras.
  • Memory card pockets – Holds your smaller items in place.
  • Removable camera bag – Fleece lined pouch to keep your POV camera safe.
  • Adjustable dividers – Keep your equipment tight and to prevent scrapes.
  • Fleece lined- meaning no scratches or bumps whilst in the bag.
  • Dimensions: 23 x 21 x 10cm [ 9 x 8.5 x 4″ ]
  • Material: 600D Polyester Ripstop.

Overall I am happy with the design of this bag and what it has to offer. If you are a frequent traveller and are looking for a place to store your POV equipment, then the Dakine DLX POV camera case will do the trick.

Although this is a sponsored post,  the opinions expressed are my own and I only provide honest reviews.

This bag and other similar items can be found at TheBoardBasement.com. Now I need some more trips to bring my camera along to!

Travel memories with El Camino Bracelets

Collecting travel memories – El Camino bracelets review

El Camino Bracelets Travel memories

When exploring countries, continents or historic sites every travel geek wants a way to collect their travel memories. A friend of mine who also loves her travelling told me about El Camino bracelets and I decided to check them out. (Thanks Gemma!)

The concept of these bracelets is to represent the individual path you have taken around the world. Wearing your bracelet tells own travel story and grows with you. I thought wow this is a great idea and wanted to document my own story.

The lovely people at El Camino, Candace Kellough  and Tom Lane  (see their story here) sent me my very own purple bracelet and two steps to start my collection. 🙂 .

I received my bracelet within two days packaged in a lovely canvas bag and my steps were sealed in their own small packets. I loved the personal touches in the packaging too.

travel memories
Single purple bracelet.

The bracelet itself was sturdier than I expected. The clasp was easy to use and the handmade cord is very strong but also really light. They come in different sizes. (In cm). But information on the website makes it really easy to measure and find out which size you need.

Travel Memories
Croatia step.
Travel memories
Thailand step.

I chose the Thailand and Croatia steps to start my travel memories collection. They were easy to put onto the bracelet and the shape of the cord means they don’t fall off the end. I was pleased to find that a coconut spacer came with the steps too!

I am excited about adding more steps to my bracelet. Catching up with places I have been and adding new ones as I continue with my travels. What a great way to commemorate my travels.

Travel memories.
Collecting my travel memories with my very own El Camino bracelet.

There are 240 different country steps to choose from, small steps which include popular cities and region steps too. (Which add a bit of colour to your collection). Start your collection here.

If you are interested in purchasing your own bracelet and collecting your own travel memories check out the El Camino website. Bracelets start from as little as £21.99.

Make sure you check out their Facebook page this weekend for your chance to win from El Camino.  www.facebook.com/ElCaminoBracelets/.


KGB building tour – Riga

KGB building tour

A step back in time to darker days with the KGB building tour in Riga.

The building is like any other from the outside. It was supposed to be that way, hiding the horrors that went on inside.  The peeling paint and unloved walls as you enter indicate very little has been renovated.

The tour started in a small room. The group was gathered together and the door was locked behind us. Our guide explained some of the building’s history before moving deeper into the ‘Cheka’ as it is locally called.

A person was told they needed to be spoken to, our host explained. They were told there is nothing to worry about just come with us. Then they were brought to the building for registration.

KGB building tour.
The interrogation room on the KGB building tour. You can see the two-way mirror in the background.

We followed their footsteps to the registration room where every detail about the person would be extracted. This information was important. Then along to the interrogation room.

I had only ever seen a two-way mirror in films. It was interesting to see one in real life. One that has been used to look in on many interviews without being noticed. I could imagine how scary it would be for those brought here. The guide explained that various techniques were used to get people to talk. The ultimate goal would be a confession. Accused of knowing, talking or doing anything against the regime.Coerced in different ways to sign what is put before them.

Weekend in Riga
The cells in the KGB building.

Next on the KGB building tour were the cells. Our host described the conditions so well I could see it in my mind. A cramped cell filled with people. A single bucket as a toilet that would frequently overflow. Bright fluorescent lights that prevented sleep. (sleep was only allowed whilst lying on your back facing upwards , otherwise you would be woken and told to reposition).

KGB building tour.
Inside one of the cells.

Passing many cells down winding corridors we came to the kitchen. Here it was explained just how bad the food was. We explored more rooms and heard different stories before we were taken outside through a courtyard to the execution room.

We were shown a video. A clip from a film which depicted the process and executions. The room itself had been renovated. They had tried to disguise the purpose of the room once it stopped being used. But from the guides description and the rest of the tour it was easy to imagine what happened there.

It’s scary to think that Latvia has only been fully independent since September 1991. There is so much history that I was not aware of. I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn more about it.

KGB building tour.
Ceiling quote at the end of the tour.


Visiting information is below. Or check out the website Latvian Museums.

Opening times 
1 May - 19 October, 2014
Monday 10 - 16
Tuesdays - closed
Wednesdays 10 - 20
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays 10 - 18
Entry to all exhibitions EUR 5.00
KGB cellar tour with guide (without other exhibitions) EUR 5.00
Students, schoolchildren and pensioners (on presentation of relevant ID) EUR 2.00
Family tickets (2 adults + children) EUR 10.00


CitizenM New York Hotel review

CitizenM New York

CitizenM New York hotel review– Tech hotel in the city

We stayed at CitizenM in March 2015. Its a relatively new hotel and the concept intrigued me so I thought I would give it a try.

The location is 50th at Broadway and seconds from Times Square so a great base to explore. It is also a few steps away from the subway so easy to get to and from.

CitizenM New York
Entrance to CitizenM New York 50th at Broadway

As it describes itself as a tech hotel check in was self service using the circular computer desk as you enter the hotel. There were a staff around who helped the process so it wasn’t necessarily do it yourself which was good!

We were given a room on the 17th floor, all of the rooms in the hotel are the same. There are no upgrades or different sizes or designs so you know what you are getting before you go. Continue reading “CitizenM New York Hotel review”

Feung Nakorn Balcony rooms review

Feung Nakorn Balcony

Feung Nakorn Balcony rooms Bangkok– my review

Our first few days in Thailand were spent at Feung Nakorn balcony. This was our base for the first three days spent in Bangkok.

We caught a metered taxi from the airport which took around 30 minutes

The location is about 10 minutes walk from the main old town temples and 15 minutes walk from Khao San Road, the main backpackers road. (or a few minutes in a tuk-tuk depending on traffic)

On arrival the staff were really friendly when checking us in. Our bags were carried for us and we were given a welcome drink. We had booked a standard room and were first shown to a room on the third floor. It seemed quite a nice large room however we were taken back down to a ground floor room and upgraded! There was a pretty fountain and small garden outside our room.

Inside there were two main large rooms, an entrance room and the bedroom with an en suite bathroom.

Feung Nakorn balcony rooms living room area
Feung Nakorn balcony rooms living room area
Feung Nakorn Balcony our bedroom
Feung Nakorn Balcony our bedroom

Continue reading “Feung Nakorn Balcony rooms review”

L’Ange 20 Paris- my favourite restaurant

L’Ange 20 My favourite Paris (maybe favourite ever) restaurant!

L'Ange 20
L’Ange 20 photo credit

I found and booked L’Ange 20 restaurant before our trip to Paris last year. We booked ahead by email and our table was ready for us when we arrived.

This restaurant was difficult to find, tucked down a side street. The size of the restaurant was tiny. Where the tables are moved so you can sit down packed next to other guests. It was a cozy setting, providing a real atmosphere despite the simple setting. There is seating for about 20 guests in two rows against the walls.

The kitchen is in front and the chefs cooking your delicious food are visible to the diners. The service was excellent, very quick and attentive. The staff were so happy and wanted you to enjoy their restaurant experience.

We had the fixed price 30 euro for 3 courses menu. With a recommended bottle of red wine for 27 euro. (Please let the waiter recommend a great wine to compliment your chosen meal).

All of the food was very tasty and well presented. I recommend both the lamb and the duck dishes which were amazing! Desserts were also delicious. We tried the Pistachio creme brûlée and passion fruit cheesecake.

L’Ange 20 was a very busy restaruant. Customers were being turned away when they arrived without reservations. Despite this we were not rushed at all and finished the meal with a coffee.

Definitely recommend a visit whilst in Paris. Friendly service and amazing food. I want to go back!
Read more L’Ange 20 Paris reviews here

Have you been to L’Ange 20? What do you think?

City of the Dead tours -Edinburgh

Need something spooky to do this Halloween? Why not try the City of the Dead tours double dead tour in Edinburgh….

City of the dead tours
City of the dead tours


During our stay in Edinburgh we booked the Double Dead walking tour with City of the dead tours.  Not having been on a ghost tour before I didn’t know what to expect!
We booked ahead on line and met our tour guide at the stand by the Cathedral.
I was pleased to see that our guide, (unlike others we had seen wandering around) was not dressed up as a gimmick.
Our guide was informative and very observant. If you were not booked on the tour and tried to tag along, you were chastised and told to move on!
Edinburgh is full of history and has a scary, spooky past. The City of the Dead tours guide told us stories of the history of the town and buildings we passed as we walked.
When we got to the underground vaults it was very dark and cold! The stories here made my hairs stand on end. There were times when we had to turn out any lights and we were stood in pitch black! (Bring a torch or use the torch on your phone if you want to see at all!) I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be but I think that’s because there were so many of us in the group.

Next we made our way to Greyfriars kirkyard. The guide took us through the graveyard, famous for Greyfriars Bobby. After a revelation from the guide about this story we were taken to a locked area of the kirkyard. The Covenanters prison. The scariest part of the graveyard. Here we were taken to the tomb, home to the Mackensie poltergeist. I won’t spoil any more for those you want to take this tour but we left with a fright!

Our last stop was the Greyfriars Bobby pub just outside the kirkyard. A good idea to have a nice beer after the tour!

If you like history, ghost stories and a bit of fun I recommend taking a tour with City of the dead tours…

What do you think?

The Witchery by the castle – Restaurant review

The Witchery by the castle

The Witchery by the castle restaurant Edinburgh

Special occasion dining…

The Witchery by the Castle
The Witchery by the Castle

We decided to book this restaurant as a couple for a special occasion. There are two parts to this restaurant, the witchery and the secret garden. They both looked lovely, however we booked the secret garden restaurant as it is advertised as more romantic…

Past the entrance to the Witchery we walked down a narrow walkway to the secret garden. We were slightly early and were seated in the small foyer area to wait for our table. We were offered an alternate table but were advised to wait for the table we had booked as it was better. Of course we waited. Whilst waiting we were offered drinks and the hostess was very attentive and professional.

Once our table was ready we were guided down the staircase through the restaurant to our round table for two. The setting was very romantic. Mood lighting and candles, the layout created a sense of private dining, even though there were many diners in the room.

The Witchery by the Castle Secret garden
The Witchery by the Castle Secret garden restaurant credit: Tripadvisor

The Witchery by the castle menus were a choice of a la carte or a set menu. The set menu seemed to be great value at £35 a head for three courses. However we were both drawn to the roast duck from the a la carte and decided on this menu.

To view the menu click here Witchery_a_la_carte_

The waiter was again attentive and professional. We ordered our meals and asked advice for wine pairings with our chosen dishes. We took the advice and were not disappointed.

To start we ordered the Scallops and then the Roast duck breast for the main. Both courses were cooked well, with subtle flavours. Although the first two courses were quite filling we had to try dessert!

We ordered the pudding selection to share (how romantic…). This consisted of chocolate tart, creme brûlée, gateau, shortbread with berries and ice creams. So glad we tried this as they were amazing! It was a great idea to sample a little of all of the different tastes. The waiter played a trick on my husband giving him a very small spoon to eat his dessert with! Although he gave him back the real one so he didn’t really miss out.

Now for the prices.. the meal including wine (two glasses of champagne, two glasses of white and two glasses of red) cost £176. Expensive for a meal for two but we thought it was worth the price. For the food, setting and a memorable evening.

So as you can see this is not somewhere we could eat regularly.

For a ‘one off’ or special meal I would recommend the Witchery by the castle as I can not fault the food or the service. The prices however are quite high. For a treat it is worth it and by ordering from the set menu you can save some cash too.

The Witchery by the Castle is a recommended restaurant.

Any questions or thoughts comment below….