Why I love to Travel

I am often asked why I want to travel so much, why not just the lie on the beach and relax? Well there’s nothing wrong with lying on the beach once in a while but there’s so much more out there to see and do. Hopefully this will explain why.

Here are the Top 5 reasons I love to travel

#1 To see the sights

This one might be obvious and I’m sure everyone has a must-see place that is top of their list. I love the achievement of ticking a top sight off my list, of seeing a sight from a new perspective, that no matter how many photos I have seen it doesn’t do the seeing, breathing and just being there justice. I also love seeing other people’s reactions, some are disappointed whilst other gasp audibly and stare in wonder.

#2 Brand new experiences

When you travel, you try things that you would not think about doing at home. In Budapest I tried shooting at Celeritas shooting club, this was a great experience and taught me to respect guns! . In Beijing I zip-wired across a lake, it was scary and exhilarating at the same time. I slept on an overnight bahn train between Budapest and Berlin, a cute bunk-bed cabin and a new destination in the morning. This is to name but a few, it’s the unique experiences we have when we travel that we remember for years to come.

#3 New, authentic food and national dishes

Alpaca in Lima? Tapas in Barcelona? Snails in Paris? Pizza in Rome? Lets face it, they do it best where it originated! I love to try new foods and eat in recommended restaurants when I travel. I always check Tripadvisor for top rated, but reasonably priced restaurants, and try to book ahead. Finding new foods you enjoy when you travel can change the way you eat and cook at home. Whatever your budget, wherever you go you can always try good local food. Just because there’s a McDonalds on every corner doesn’t mean you have to eat there.


#4 Local beers and specialties

I’ll be honest, I like a good beer and there’s nothing better than sampling the local tipple. I always give the locally brewed beers a try, the beer halls in Germany are a personal favorite. Of course there are the popular national drinks such as Sangria in Spain, Limoncello in Italy, Tequila in Mexico and Unicum in Hungary. I’ve tried and tested these ones so give them a go.  Remember before you ask for the imported brands think twice and try something local.

#5 The people you meet along the way

I don’t go out of my way to meet people when I am away, and I’m also not talking about those people who share the same hotel or are lying on the next sun lounger. I have met people who have changed my trips, inspired me and remain in my travel memories. The English man in Venice who ordered for me when my Italian failed and told me about Neuschwanstein castle, which just so happened to be in the direction I was travelling. The lady in Dubrovnik who followed me halfway down the Stradun to reunite me with a bow that had fallen from my shoe. The couple on a night train in Austria who swapped seats so we could all have a snooze. The girl on the train to Munich who told me about her Italian-Austrian upbringing and her new move to Germany. These people, although I don’t know their names have made their mark on my journeys and I hope to meet more inspiring people on future trips to come.


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  1. I also like travel I spent 6 months travelling and working in my gap half year. The journey is the one in your head rather than the tangible one. Travel makes you appreciate the good things about your home nation and also the bad. Also a holiday is a very different experience from living and working abroad as I myself experienced rush he is the same wherever you are!!!!

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