Luggage- Hold vs Carry On

You have chosen your destination, you are booking your flights, then there’s a choice to make… do you pay for checked baggage or fit it all in your hand luggage? Now some airlines offer this as standard but faced with extra charges how do you decide?


Here are some questions to ask yourself before you book…

#1 How long are you going for?

A short break may mean you can carry everything with you in your hand luggage, clothing and small toiletries, however a longer holiday may require more space!

#2 What will the weather be like?

Dressing for colder weather means bulkier heavier luggage, whereas clothing for a beach break, or warmer climate wont take up too much space.

#3 Is it a multi-destination trip?

Think about carrying your luggage around whilst you are away, a heavy suitcase can be a pain when travelling between destinations depending on your transport.

#4 What are your activities whilst you are there?

Do you need to bring specialist equipment/ items that need to be placed in hold? Sleeping bags, hiking supplies and technical equipment will usually be bulky and need to be checked.

#6  Will you be using a laundry service?

Doing this can save precious space, however can be expensive if it’s a hotel service. Consider using a launderette whilst back-packing this can often be cheaper than the  baggage charge.

#7 Who are you travelling with?

Travelling as a couple? Do you both need a hold bag? Consider packing together and halving the cost.

#8 What will you be bringing back?

You may stuff your carry on case and smile smugly when it closes but after souvenir shopping can you fit everything in to bring home? Will you want to bring items home that are prohibited to carry on?

Make sure you leave a little space, or even only book a hold item for your return..?

What do you think?

I personally prefer to take carry on only if I can help it, mainly because I hate waiting for my hold luggage at the carousel! When travelling by train and bus, and moving hotels and destinations it also makes it a lot easier to get around. However when I’m planning on spending a week  on the beach long haul or in one hotel then I will check my baggage and bring what I want!

Leave a comment and tell me what you prefer…..



Dubrovnik in pictures

Croatia road trip #1 Dubrovnik

The Pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik City Walls

Nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking view on the taxi ride from the airport, the first glimpse of the orange tiled roofs, the fairy-tale towering stone city walls and the contrast of the beautiful blue of the Adriatic. We were staying for a special occasion so had splashed out on a room at the Hilton Imperial. There are not many hotels near to the Old Town and the Hilton is just outside Pile Gate. We had friends staying in Dubrovnik at the same time and we had helped with the booking arrangements. The accommodation choices were great! So many apartments available in the area, I find the best site to book our accommodations. After checking in we decided to explore the old town, a short walk to the Pile Gate, down some steps and you come to the Stradun. Late afternoon, evening is the best time to take this walk. Due to the large crowds from the cruise ships docking at certain times during our stay, the entrance and the Stradun can get very busy. We were fortunate that we could make the most of the old town when there were less tourists rushing around, however the hustle and bustle can add to the atmosphere of the place. We checked the docking times of the ships at the Dubrovnik Port Authority to work our visits around these periods…. Continue reading “Croatia road trip #1 Dubrovnik”

Why I love to Travel

I am often asked why I want to travel so much, why not just the lie on the beach and relax? Well there’s nothing wrong with lying on the beach once in a while but there’s so much more out there to see and do. Hopefully this will explain why.

Here are the Top 5 reasons I love to travel

#1 To see the sights

This one might be obvious and I’m sure everyone has a must-see place that is top of their list. I love the achievement of ticking a top sight off my list, of seeing a sight from a new perspective, that no matter how many photos I have seen it doesn’t do the seeing, breathing and just being there justice. I also love seeing other people’s reactions, some are disappointed whilst other gasp audibly and stare in wonder.

#2 Brand new experiences

When you travel, you try things that you would not think about doing at home. In Budapest I tried shooting at Celeritas shooting club, this was a great experience and taught me to respect guns! . In Beijing I zip-wired across a lake, it was scary and exhilarating at the same time. I slept on an overnight bahn train between Budapest and Berlin, a cute bunk-bed cabin and a new destination in the morning. This is to name but a few, it’s the unique experiences we have when we travel that we remember for years to come. Continue reading “Why I love to Travel”

Barcelona in pictures

Barcelona Top Tips

Barcelona top tips

Barcelona top tips


The Airport bus is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get into the city from the Airport.

Use the metro to get around and avoid the long queues for the city tour bus.

Walk! If you are staying centrally and don’t have time constraints. In my experience whilst exploring and wandering you discover hidden gems.

Continue reading “Barcelona Top Tips”

4 Days in Barcelona

BarcelonaBarcelona City Break

After an early flight we landed at around 10am and jumped on the A2 airport bus that took us straight into the heart of the city at Placa de Catalunya. Barcelona is a BUSY place… Tuesday morning bustle, throngs of tourists and locals alike. We got our bearings and walked to the Gothic Quarter near to the Cathedral where we found our hotel. The area was a great place to stay near to metro stations, walking distance to the waterfront and the famous Ramblas. After checking in we went for a wander through the streets of Barri Gotic, lots of interesting architecture, narrow streets and Roman walls.  Our wandering led us to the waterfront where we found a cute beach burger bar called Makamaka to sit and grab a beer and a bite. Also a nice spot to sit people watch!

Back to the hotel after some shopping and time to get ready for dinner and drinks. I always check out restaurants on tripadvisor before trips and try book ahead to eat in some recommended places. I’m sooo glad I read reviews before travelling and discovered the normal dinner time in Barcelona is around 10pm! Settling for a 9pm reservation the first night we ate some great tapas at Sensi Bistro. Before dinner we headed to a must try for ale lovers La Cerveteca, crowd around beer barrel tables and sample the large range of beers on offer. Continue reading “4 Days in Barcelona”