Sri Lanka Off The Beaten Track

Sri Lanka, a place of beautiful landscapes, ancient ruins and mysterious history. No wonder this small island is becoming increasingly popular with visitors today. If you want to explore Indias smaller neighbour more deeply then take a look at these Sri Lanka off the beaten track destinations to get more out of your break.

Sri Lanka Off The Beaten Track
Sri Lanka Off The Beaten Track

Historic Galle

Situated on the coast is the old city of Galle which was once the main port of the island. There are boutique hotels, excellent local shopping and religious buildings and structures built from the pretty and locally sourced coral. The most interesting historical buildings are the Fort and Sri Lanka’s oldest lighthouse.

Creative types have already made this a favourite destination for foreign artists, writers and photographers. Find art galleries and workshops, amongst cafés, bars and restaurants.

Ancient Kandy

One Hundred Buddhas, Temple Of The Tooth, Sri Lanka off the beaten path

This city is a Unesco world heritage site which is popular for the famed Temple of the tooth, however, the rest of the area is relatively unexplored. A stunning decorated temple where you can find the Buddha’s left upper canine.

In July or August, depending on the full moon the Esala Perahera festival takes place in Kandy. It is one of the biggest Buddhist festivals in the world where there’s an elephant parade and the tooth is on show for a limited time.

The Royal Botanical Gardens are worth a visit showcasing the pretty trees and plants of Sri Lanka. Also in the area is an elephant sanctuary where you can see rescued elephants too.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sri Lanka off the beaten track

Make your way through the tropical rainforest and spend your time spotting rare plant life and vegetation.  Explore the beautiful surroundings and soak up the calming atmosphere in the forest.

The Sinharaja forest reserve is home to over fifty percent of Sri Lanka’s native species. These include mammals and butterflies, as well as various insects, reptiles, and amphibians.  If you are a nature lover then this place should be on your list when visiting Sri Lanka off the beaten track.

Dambulla GoldenTemple

Sri Lanka off the beaten track

Over 150 statues stand in this temple cave complex in Dambulla. A place of pilgrimage for more than 22 centuries containing over 2000sq m of mural filled walls. The statues inside mostly depict Lord Buddha but there are also Bodhisattvas statues.

Nearby is an ancient fortress built by a Lankan king thousands of years ago, Sigiriya. Walk among the ruins along the narrow pathways and imagine what life was like for the kings of the past.

Sri Lanka off the beaten track – where to start?

If you don’t know where to start when exploring Sri Lanka then you might want to book your trips with a tour operator. Olanka Travels offers packages which include seeing Sri Lanka off the beaten track as well as the top and most popular sites in the country.

Did you know that Sri Lanka has an amazing eight Unesco World Heritage sites? That’s a lot of interesting history and places to visit for such a small place.

Have you been to Sri Lanka? What do you think is the best place to visit here?

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