Our Dubrovnik Trip – What we did this time!

Our Dubrovnik trip

Our Dubrovnik trip. We returned to Dubrovnik in September after 4 years for our wedding anniversary. Bringing along our daughter and sharing our wedding destination with her.

Our Dubrovnik trip

When we first visited, although we spent a week here wedding planning meant that we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to before moving on to explore the rest of Croatia and Europe.

This time for our Dubrovnik trip we had a long list of things we wanted to do. But also factor in some chill time!


New places we explored on our Dubrovnik trip

Dubrovnik Cable car

Our Dubrovnik Trip
The view from the top of the cable car

One of the things I really wanted to do was take the cable car to the viewing point high above Dubrovnik. It was closed for a few days due to the wind and adverse weather but we finally got to reach the top. Going early was a good idea as there wasn’t must of a queue, which was extremely long when we got back down.  The spectacular view was the best you can get here in my opinion. Amazing to see the whole structure of the old town surround by the walls from above.

Lokrum Island

Our Dubrovnik trip
The view of Dubrovnik from the top of Lokrum Island

The first time we took a boat trip in Dubrovnik was eventful, to say the least. The weather was so bad and the sea so choppy that we had to turn back early. Yes, this was on our wedding day too! During our Dubrovnik trip this time, we were determined to make it to Lokrum Island. The weather was changeable on the day we chose to take the trip. However, the boat ride was smooth and after a  rain shower when we arrived, the skies cleared. This gave us just enough time to hike to the top of the Island and look out onto Dubrovnik and the sea. We found little coves, beaches and explored the ruined Fort at the top of the island. And of course, we saw the native peacocks here too.

Dubrovnik Churches

Saint Blaise church
The inside of Saint Blaise Church

This was more interesting for me than the husband but I enjoyed looking around Churches we missed before. St Blaise church was opposite our apartment and I finally got to explore this beautiful church. The nuns here adored our Daughter and she became the centre of attention.  I dived in and out of a few churches to take a few photos including the large Cathedral which is usually very busy.

Spending time on the Beaches

Our Dubrovnik trip
Copacabana beach

We had a little explore of Banje beach, next to the old town with lovely views across to Lokrum Island. There were a lot of steps up and down to the small beach but it wasn’t too bad. Then for a proper beach day, we jumped on the number 22 bus to Lopud and hung out at Copacabana beach. Hired some beach chairs and chased our little girl around the pebbly beach. It was nice to get some beach time and relax for a little while.

A day trip to Montenegro

Our Dubrovnik trip -
Looking out to the Islands in Perast, Montenegro

Another place I’ve wanted to visit and a new Country too! It was a long day with a baby but our one year old was great and entertained herself and others on the coach. First, we visited Perast and the man-made island of Our Lady on the Rocks.

The great places we revisited

Sponza Palace

Sponza Palace - returning to Dubrovnik

Of course, we had to return to Sponza Palace and introduce our baby girl to this lovely old building.

Old town city walls

Our dubrovnik trip
Walking the city walls

No trip would be complete without wandering along the old walls and looking out over the sea and fort.

The Fort

Our Dubrovnik trip
Looking out onto the Fort Dubrovnik

Although it’s a bit of a climb we had to walk around this old fort once more. Our girl loved running around the ruins and playing peekaboo around the pillars too.

Buza Bar and Art Cafe

Our Dubrovnik trip
Beers and a water at Buza

Yes, even with a toddler in tow we managed to return to these two great bars which we spent a lot of time in with friends four years ago.

All in all, we had a lovely time as a family returning to Dubrovnik. I wonder when we will return next. Soon I hope!

What To Do In Paris This Summer

Paris is great at any time of the year but if you are planning to visit soon, you’ll want to know what to do in Paris this summer. Take a look at the best things to do in the city of lights during the warmer months.

What to do in Paris this summer

Watch A Film At An Outdoor Cinema

La Villette Park opens up and offers films projected onto a massive screen whilst visitors sit on Deck chairs and enjoy the show. At about 10 pm or when it gets dark, the films begin.  Watch classic and Hollywood films. But remember they are in French so it’s a great way to improve your language skills! Mingle with the locals and sit back and enjoy the show.

Tuileries Gardens Funfair

What to do in Paris this Summer

Enjoyment for adults and children alike to be had at this ad hoc summer theme park. As well as carousels and rides you can try carnival games such as hook a duck or chamboultout (knocking down cans with a ball). Look like a hero by winning a teddy bear for your loved one and if you don’t win try some candy floss instead.

Relax In Buttes Chaumont Park

Unlike many other parks in Paris, here you can actually sit on the lawns and relax. It’s a beautiful place to explore too. There are waterfalls a lake and an amazing atmosphere that is perfect for summer. Bring a picnic, sunbathe or just take a stroll through the park. Whatever you do here summer is the best time to visit.

Summer Festivals

What to do in Paris this summer

From the Paris Jazz Festival to the Paris Quartier d’été. When you ask what to do in Paris this summer the answer will usually be got to a festival. Groups of like-minded people get together to enjoy what the artists of Paris have to offer. Whether it’s great music, art, performances or dancing, you’ll find it here.

Visit the Beach

Well, a makeshift beach. The docks of Paris turn into a beach for local and tourists’ pleasure during the months of July and August. Enjoy many activities such as volleyball, water sports or Tai Chi. Or just pull up a deck chair and enjoy the sunshine and the view.

What to do in Paris this summer

Now you know what to do in Paris this Summer, How do you get here?

Summer holidays mean plenty of direct flights from most major world cities to Paris. In fact, there are several flights a day from most European capitals making it an easy city break to take. Both budget airlines such as Flybe and premium flights on airlines such as British Airways.

Once you get here you need to get to your destination. There are many ways to get fro the airport but one choice is to pre-book an airport transfer. This can be done from a company such as Top Paris Transfer where you can book private cheap taxi and shuttle services from Paris airports to destinations in France.

Have you visited Paris in summer? What was your favourite thing to do? If you have any other suggestions leave a comment below.

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Top UK Museums – Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast

About Titanic Belfast

Next, on my Top UK museums adventure, is Titanic Belfast. We visited as a family in February this year and really enjoyed the whole experience. Located on Belfast docks, it is the largest Titanic experience in the world and offers a unique and interactive way to learn about the history of the Titanic.

Titanic BelfastThe Star of the Show.

One of the most talked-about exhibits in the museum is the shipyard ride. This short electronic ride allows you to immerse yourself in the conditions and what went on when the ship was built. It breaks up walking around the museum and grabs the attention of visitors especially the kids.

My Favourite place

I enjoyed the end of the museum when the stories of the passengers you have been following throughout the tour come to an end, and you find out what became of them. The mixing of sad and happy stories and also a way to remember individuals who were affected by the tragedy.

Some other great exhibits

From the Launch experience, the decor and insides of the ship through the decks and classes to the sinking and the aftermath. The museum takes you on a journey of the life of the ship.

Titanic Belfast - Tara Bruton
Second Class Cabin Titanic Belfast – Tara Bruton


Excellent facilities are available for visitors. There’s free Wi-Fi
throughout the building,  locker storage facility where you can leave your bags for just £1.  Car and Coach Parking is available so it’s an easy place to drive to during your trip.
You’ll find two restaurants with a wide range of options,  Bistro 401 restaurant and the Galley Café. There’s also a souvenir shop to pick up memorabilia from your visit.

Getting there and when to visit.

Titanic Belfast is open daily all year round, excluding 24th – 26th December from 10 am to 5 pm off peak and 9 am to 7 pm during peak season.  Entrance fees are £18 for adults and £8 for children aged 5 to 16 years.

Check out some of my posts on other Top UK museums, The British Museum and The Victoria and Albert.

Have you been to Titanic Belfast? What did you think?


Lisbon – our first family trip abroad

First family trip abroad to Lisbon

This trip to Lisbon was the first time in another country with our baby daughter. We knew it would be different to our previous trips, however we had a wonderful time and managed to do more than we expected.


Getting from Lisbon airport to the centre was easy. The metro line runs straight to the centre, so within 40 minutes we were at our apartment.

We chose an apartment in the Amoreiras Garden district  Casa Amora. Perfectly located within walking or short Metro ride from the sights but in a quiet enough neighbourhood for a family visit. The great thing about choosing an apartment when travelling with a young baby is that sterilising and heating bottles is easier with a kitchen area!

The metro and tram system are a great way to get around even with a child. Although avoid the rush hour times and you will be more comfortable.

Lisbon is a city of many levels, and with viewpoints accessible by elevators and funiculars there is always a way to a fantastic view.

On our first day we visited the castle which was at the top of my agenda. There was a beautiful view across the city from the top and also home to a family of peacocks! (Which I love).

There were plenty of bars and restaurants to stop at whilst exploring the city. We took our time, relaxed and enjoyed our surroundings.

During our trip we also grabbed a tuk-tuk ride to Belem. We tried the famous pastry dessert and explored the river front gardens before heading to the tower. There was quite a queue to get into the tower without an advanced ticket, however it gave us time to enjoy the view of the tower from the outside.

The bus journey back from Belem to Lisbon centre was pretty eventful. A very full bus and a roadworks re-route meant some very unhappy passengers.. But we made it back in one piece.

We also visited Carmo convent, Parque Eduardo VII as well as some spectacular squares and viewpoints. Lisbon is a lovely city to walk around but there can be a lot of steps and hills!

My first experience of travelling abroad with our baby was actually pretty great. We had a lovely time as a family as it was surprisingly relaxed. I have to admit we visited less bars of an evening than we used to, we ate and had a beer earlier in the day before enjoying Netflix and a bottle of wine back at our apartment.

We grabbed a taxi through cabify back to the airport  (as referred by the lovely apartment owners). It’s similar to Uber so our referral meant a free trip and they also provide child seats upon request!

Overall an amazing start to our family travel in Lisbon.

Here’s to many more family holidays in the future! 🙂


2016 review from Travel Geek Tara

My 2016 review! What a year it has been for us!

2016 review
2016 review

Well the year kicked off on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I managed to stay up past midnight despite being 16 weeks pregnant and sipping non-alcoholic beer… Not our usual kind of trip but I enjoyed relaxing and visiting lots of different Caribbean islands all in one trip.

2016 review
Standard beach, sea, sunbed, feet photo. 2016 Review.

So what happened next? March was quite a busy month.. taking a mini tour of Lithuania great place by the way.  Taking in Vilnius, Kaunas and Trakai. Then moving house when we got back! Shortly after moving my sister-in-law announced her engagement – another wedding to look forward to!

Cathedral Square Vilnius. 2016 review

In May I launched my Etsy store Geeky Wanderlust where I sell travel and vintage style jewellery, fabric items and prints. Just something else to keep me busy..You can check it out here:

On to June.

In June our lives changed forever with the arrival of our beautiful daughter. She is the best and has fit into our lives perfectly. (I’m in love). Of course we sorted her passport as soon as possible to continue our travels with her!

Some more brilliant news came in June.. My sister-in-law is having a baby. Auntie Tara for the second time.

Our first overnight stay as a family was in Leeds in August for our fabulous friends wedding. Then in September we took our first trip abroad to Lisbon. I absolutely loved travelling with our daughter. A bit of forward planning and preparation meant the trip went well, there were a few tears and screams on the plane but I expected that!

2016 review
Lisbon 2016 review

September was a busy month including a caravan holiday with friends to Burnham on Sea and Western Supermare, and a short break to Liverpool. At this point our daughter at 3 months old had spent a significant portion of her life away from home.

December came and so did my brothers wedding. Such an amazing day and very proud to be maid of honour :-).

Another proud moment, the birth of my baby niece. Now these two cousins have some adventures ahead!

Then came a trip to see Santa at Hatton Country World and a Christmas break in London. It was so nice to get away so close to Christmas again. I had such a great time at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, exploring the British museum and meeting animals in London Zoo.

2016 review
The British museum London 2016 review

Just before the year is ending we had some more great news, another of my brothers proposed and she said yes! How exciting!

That’s two proposals, two babies, four weddings, five trips and three countries. What a year.

So whats in store for 2017?

Well, we have already planned trips to Ireland, Rome and Dubrovnik. Revisiting and introducing our daughter to some old favourites. And if that’s not enough I plan to visit the top museums in the UK!

As expected I have less time than I used to which means less frequent blog posts… I have been writing one about Lisbon for two months. (Oops). There are a few more posts in the pipeline but I will probably write shorter easier to write (and read) articles to keep Travel Geek Tara going 🙂

Happy New Year to all of my readers and I hope you will continue to follow my blog next year 🙂



Baby passport – how to get a passport for your baby

Baby passport

How to get your baby passport in the UK – my tips.

Gone are the days when a child can travel on their parents passports. Every British child now needs to have their own baby passport to travel even new-born babies.

Baby passport

It may sound like a difficult task to get a baby passport. However it is simpler than you may think.

First things first – your baby needs to be registered and have a birth certificate that can be sent with their passport application. This can take some time depending on where you live. For example Birmingham registry office had a 6 week wait for appointments to register births. There are, however, always cancelled appointments that come up. If you call the office you may get in earlier. (We managed to get an appointment after a week.)

Next  is getting the passport photo right.  Here are the guidelines:

Photos of babies and children.

‘Children must be on their own in the picture. Babies must not be holding toys or using dummies. Children under 6 don’t have to be looking directly at the camera or have a neutral expression. Children under one don’t have to have their eyes open. You can support their head with your hand, but your hand must not be visible in the photo.’

The background must also be cream or light grey. I used a cream blanket to lie the baby on.

To make sure the photos were correct I used the website paspic.com. They quality check the photos and print them at the correct size which prevents problems with the application. The pictures were delivered in a couple of days.

Baby passport
We got our baby passport!

The application is pretty straightforward. Very much the same as an adult passport, however you will need to fill in grandparents as well as parents details.  The passport needs to be signed by someone who has known the adult filling in the form for at least two years and recognise the baby photo.

Here are the requirements of the counter-signatory:

‘Who can sign your form and photo

Your counter-signatory must:

  • have known the person applying (or the adult who signed the form if the passport is for a child under 16) for at least 2 years.
  • be able to identify the person applying, eg they’re a friend, neighbour or colleague (not just someone who knows them professionally).
  • be ‘a person of good standing in their community’ or work in (or be retired from) a recognised profession.

They can’t be closely related to or involved with the person applying, eg:

  • related by birth or marriage
  • be in a relationship with or live at the same address as the person applyingIf you’re applying in the UK

Your counter-signatory must:

  • live in the UK
  • have a current British or Irish passport’

Here is a link to the list of Recognised professionals who can sign the baby passport and photo. There are more to choose from than I realised!

Baby passport.
Our passports ready for our first family trip to Lisbon in September.

So you have your birth certificate, completed form, photos and counter-signatory.. Next send it off and wait for the return!

I sent everything off by Royal Mail special delivery as I wanted to make sure it got there as soon as possible. I also wanted to make sure it got there, not that I don’t trust the post office.

Within 3 weeks from sending everything off we received our brand new baby passport! Quick and easy really :-).

I hope this has helped and makes sense for those applying for their babies first passport. I cant wait to take our new baby on her first trip!

Happy travels!





Vilnius – Top things to do

Exploring Vilnius – What are the top things to do?

We spent a few days in Lithuania in March and Vilnius was our main base to explore from. Being the largest city and the capitol, there are plenty of things to see and do.  Here are my highlights  🙂

Castle Hill and Gedimina’s Tower

Castle Hill – Vilnius.

The top of the hill is reached by either walking a sloping path or the easier and cheap funicular. Most of the buildings have been reconstructed however there is a stunning view over the city. To climb a little higher, pay 4 euros to enter the tower for 360 views from the top. Inside the tower there are some interesting exhibits including suits of armour and other historic pieces. The stairs of the spiral staircase are a little steep but worth it!

The Hill of Three Crosses.

Hill of Three Crosses – Vilnius.

The crosses stand on the old site of the crooked castle and are believed to have been erected in the 17th Century. The climb is a steep one, entering through Kalnų Park. Climbing up the slopes and steps you will reach a plateau where the crosses stand. Another great view across the city and also castle hill.

Vilnius Cathedral and Cathedral square.

Cathedral Square Vilnius.

This great open space is full of interesting architecture. The Cathedral itself is French Classicist style and mostly dates from the late 18th century. Built on the site of an original pagan temple . It has had various uses throughout its life, including being used by the Soviets as a garage for truck repairs. Today the chapels, sculptures and paintings are to be enjoyed by its visitors.

The old town and Pilies street.

Vilnius Old Town.

With one of the largest old towns in Europe, there are many streets to explore. In contrast to Cathedral square, Pilies and the surrounding streets are narrow and winding. Get lost within the souvenir and local craft stores, coffee shops and restaurants. Especially popular for its local Amber-ware.

The Gates of Dawn

Gates of Dawn Vilnius.

The Madonna of Mercy is the focus of this classical chapel. Following the custom of having a chapel or religious image in gateways to protect leaving travellers and guard from enemies. This is the only gateway to have survived from the early 16th Century. Entrance is from the outside, steps lead up from a door in the street below.

Gates of Dawn Vilnius.

These are just a few of the main sights to see in here. More top attractions worth visiting are.. The Presidential Palace. St Johns church. Vilnius picture gallery and The Church of St Anne.

Find more information here Vilnius tourism.

Flying whilst pregnant – my advice

My tips for flying whilst pregnant.

I have only two experiences of flying whilst pregnant. One at 15 weeks returning at 17 weeks and one at 27 weeks.
I am quite lucky to have avoided any morning sickness throughout so I didn’t have to contend with any nausea! But here is my advice to make it easier when flying whilst pregnant.

Flying whist pregnant.
Glad I took my flight to the Caribbean for views like this!

The first time I took a flight was during the beginning of the second trimester which is supposed to be the best time to travel. This is because generally you are supposed to be feeling better. The second was at the end and although I didn’t have too many adverse symptoms.. I was starting to slow down, getting breathless when walking for too long.

The flights I took were 8 hours to and from Barbados with Thompson and around 3-4 hours to Kaunas with Ryanair. As you can see my experiences are with budget airlines, so I’m not sure if it would be any different if you paid a bit more!

So from my experiences I can offer this advice and hope it’s helpful to anyone flying whilst pregnant!

1)Bring your own decaf.

If you like your hot drinks like I do then bringing your own decaf tea bags or coffee for your flight is a good idea. Decaf wasn’t available on my flights but I had anticipated that.  The attendants can give you hot water and you are good to go!

2)Wear flight socks.

I think they really helped, especially for a long flight and if you are prone to leg cramps. Make sure you get up and walk around too if you can to help your circulation. Not very sexy but neither are puffy ankles and visible veins!

3)Drink plenty of water.

Bring your own bottle. It may mean a few more trips to the loo but keeping hydrated is really important. It also helps with prevent water retention strangely. Also getting up to go to the bathroom will keep your circulation going!

4)Bring a comfortable pillow.

Trying to sleep on a plane is bad enough but when you are pregnant and can’t get comfortable its worse!. For a long flight bringing an in flight pillow will really help you get into a position you can sleep in. Or  even just a doze.

5)Take your favourite snack along.

If you have been feeling nauseated, the thought of aeroplane food may make your stomach turn. Make sure you bring some snacks you know you will enjoy whilst travelling to keep your energy levels up. Keep them handy too.. they are no good to you in the hold!

6)Mention your pregnancy when checking in and to the stewards.

There’s nothing wrong with telling the airline staff you are pregnant. You may be given priority boarding, an accessible seat or maybe just a little more care and attention. Anything to make your flying experience more enjoyable.

Flying whilst pregnant.
Wrapped up visiting Trakai Lithuania at 27 weeks.

Many airline have different policies when it comes to pregnant women flying. Usually flying up to 28 weeks is the safest time to fly and its a rule many airlines stick to. Any time after that may require a doctor’s note to say you are safe to fly. This will only be given however if you are low-risk and having a normal pregnancy. The dates are earlier if you are having twins.

The medical advice is always changing. Here is the current NHS ADVICE and Frequently asked questions.

The main advice from me is do it if you can! Have your baby moon and enjoy this relaxing time where you are the one being looked after.

Happy travels 🙂