2016 review from Travel Geek Tara

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My 2016 review! What a year it has been for us!

2016 review
2016 review

Well the year kicked off on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I managed to stay up past midnight despite being 16 weeks pregnant and sipping non-alcoholic beer… Not our usual kind of trip but I enjoyed relaxing and visiting lots of different Caribbean islands all in one trip.

2016 review
Standard beach, sea, sunbed, feet photo. 2016 Review.

So what happened next? March was quite a busy month.. taking a mini tour of Lithuania great place by the way.  Taking in Vilnius, Kaunas and Trakai. Then moving house when we got back! Shortly after moving my sister-in-law announced her engagement – another wedding to look forward to!

Cathedral Square Vilnius. 2016 review

In May I launched my Etsy store Geeky Wanderlust where I sell travel and vintage style jewellery, fabric items and prints. Just something else to keep me busy..You can check it out here:

On to June.

In June our lives changed forever with the arrival of our beautiful daughter. She is the best and has fit into our lives perfectly. (I’m in love). Of course we sorted her passport as soon as possible to continue our travels with her!

Some more brilliant news came in June.. My sister-in-law is having a baby. Auntie Tara for the second time.

Our first overnight stay as a family was in Leeds in August for our fabulous friends wedding. Then in September we took our first trip abroad to Lisbon. I absolutely loved travelling with our daughter. A bit of forward planning and preparation meant the trip went well, there were a few tears and screams on the plane but I expected that!

2016 review
Lisbon 2016 review

September was a busy month including a caravan holiday with friends to Burnham on Sea and Western Supermare, and a short break to Liverpool. At this point our daughter at 3 months old had spent a significant portion of her life away from home.

December came and so did my brothers wedding. Such an amazing day and very proud to be maid of honour :-).

Another proud moment, the birth of my baby niece. Now these two cousins have some adventures ahead!

Then came a trip to see Santa at Hatton Country World and a Christmas break in London. It was so nice to get away so close to Christmas again. I had such a great time at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, exploring the British museum and meeting animals in London Zoo.

2016 review
The British museum London 2016 review

Just before the year is ending we had some more great news, another of my brothers proposed and she said yes! How exciting!

That’s two proposals, two babies, four weddings, five trips and three countries. What a year.

So whats in store for 2017?

Well, we have already planned trips to Ireland, Rome and Dubrovnik. Revisiting and introducing our daughter to some old favourites. And if that’s not enough I plan to visit the top museums in the UK!

As expected I have less time than I used to which means less frequent blog posts… I have been writing one about Lisbon for two months. (Oops). There are a few more posts in the pipeline but I will probably write shorter easier to write (and read) articles to keep Travel Geek Tara going 🙂

Happy New Year to all of my readers and I hope you will continue to follow my blog next year 🙂



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