2018 Year In Review – Our Year of Travel

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Now if you look back at my review from last year, the tone was hopeful and excited. The year has not been exactly what I expected and amongst the good times, we have experienced, deep tragedy on more than one occasion. But this end of year review will focus on the travel memories and we have had a great year of travel. Here is a round-up of where we have been in my travel 2018 year in review. 

Our first 2018 trip – Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 in review - Copenhagen
2018 year in review – Copenhagen

In March we visited Copenhagen, just as the beast from the east was in full swing. When the weather feels like -10 degrees Celcius, you can imagine our two-year-old was unimpressed with exploring in the cold. 

The trip was a big thing for me though. I visited the long-awaited Little Mermaid statue. A dream of mine since I was a little girl and I had always wanted to visit. 

We stayed in a great apartment in the centre of the city which was a home from home. In fact, it was someones very stylish home.  Due to the weather, we didn’t do as much as we had planned but we still packed a lot in. We explored the beautiful Nyhavn, Rosenburg Castle, the Hans Christian Anderson museum and the National Museum. Inside the National Museum was the children’s museum which was great for our daughter.  We also enjoyed some fantastic local food.

Nyhavn 2018 in review

On our last day, we visited the aquarium which is only a couple of train stops from the airport. I think our daughter enjoyed this the most and it ended up being a good trip overall. I realised I still need to write a post about this trip, so that will be coming soon!

Next up my brothers wedding in the Dominican Republic in April

2018 in review A family holiday in dreams palm beach punta cana
2018 year in review – Dominican Republic

Our trip to the Dominican was amazing! We had a lovely time in the resort of Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana.  The weather was fantastic, the beach was amazing and we had so much fun as a family. The food was delicious with plenty of choices, different restaurants and bars to try all within the resort. We enjoyed the lazy days by the pool and on the beach together and took time out for ourselves.  

During the holiday, we visited Monkeyland which was a lovely experience. We met and fed the monkeys who climbed all over us and jumped about in the trees and beyond. 

2018 in review

We also enjoyed sea-kayaking and visited the local market not far from the hotel. It was a very relaxing and fun break spent with family and new friends. 

Barcelona Hen Weekend in May

I love Barcelona, the vibrant streets and amazing architecture and fantastic food. This time I visited as part of a group and experienced a different side to the city. We enjoyed a fantastic trip on a private yacht, visited an ice bar and took part in a fun and delicious cocktail-making class. 

2018 year  in review - Barcelona
2018 year in review – Barcelona

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great whilst we were there so our exploring was limited. We did take a wander down La Ramblas and managed to sneak a glance at La Sagrada Familia before we left. But it has made me want to go back for the third time I’ve still so much to see!

Mexico for a second destination wedding in June

2018 year in review Mexico
2018 year in review Mexico

How fortunate are we to have a second holiday in the Caribbean with family? This time it was my sister in laws turn. We stayed at Azul Fives in Riviera Maya. It was great to have another holiday with family especially when our daughter and her cousin are of similar age. So lovely seeing them play together in the pool and on the beach. 

The best thing I did in Mexico was swimming with Whale Sharks. I’m not great on boats and I felt quite ill but this was one of the best experiences I have ever had!  

2018 in review Swimming with whale sharks

The resort itself wasn’t what I would have chosen, but the wedding day was beautiful and we had such a lovely day.  We also tried parasailing which was incredible, enjoyed a night out at Coco Bongos and a relaxing massage on the beach. 

This is my second visit to Mexico and I think there is still more to see and do. I won’t be rushing back but may return in the future to explore more of ancient Maya. 

Stonehenge and Peppa Pig World – September

It is quite surprising that I had never visited Stonehenge even though it is only a few hours drive away. So we combined a trip to Peppa Pig World, Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bruton over a few days. 

2018 year in review Peppa pig world
2018 year in review Peppa pig world

We started in Peppa Pig World and I absolutely recommend it for young children. Our two year old had so much fun and still talks about it. Because we visited in September it wasn’t too crowded and we did everything we wanted. I’m sure if Roma had the choice this would be the top of our 2018 year in review.

We stayed in a lovely guesthouse/lodge the hillside B & B for one night, then headed to Stonehenge the following day. It was a great sight to see and explore. The history explained in the visitor centre was amazing too especially the 360 display of the stones through the seasons. Then we visited Salisbury and explored the Cathedral. The highlight seeing the Magna Carta in person. 

Exploring Stonehenge 2018 in review

After a lovely family friendly night at the Mortimer Arms, we headed to Bruton to complete our trip. I will definitely be exploring more of the UK in 2019.  

A city break in Prague in October

2018 year in review - Prague
2018 Year in Review Prague

Originally this was going to be a break as a couple but we couldn’t leave our daughter behind for three nights so we took her along. We had a great time exploring the city and even though this was my third time in Prague we still managed to do some new things. We stayed at hotel Cerny Slon which was just off the old town square, a great base for seeing the sights. 

During our trip, we visited the astronomical clock, climbed to the top of the bell tower and ate a meal at the fun railway restaurant. We also took a boat trip along the river, explored Prague castle visited the Lennon wall and strolled across Charles Bridge. 

It was a great family city break and just goes to show you can visit and revisit destinations and do something new each time. 

Celebrations in Amsterdam in December

Amsterdam 2018 year in review

Our last trip of the year was Amsterdam. It was all about returning to the city of our engagement and having lots of fun. We stayed at the gorgeous Toren Hotel, explored the sights and enjoyed some excellent food. 

We only spent two days here but we visited Anne Frank Haus which is well worth a visit and explored the Amsterdam festival of light. We visited Christmas markets and enjoyed some winter fun at Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs. We had so much fun ice skating, playing in the snow, tubing and meeting Disney princesses. Our trip to Amsterdam was a great way to end the year.  

2018 Year in review and 2019 future plans

There you have it, my travel in 2018. Returning to four amazing destinations and ticking off three more places off of my list. 

I have learned this year that we cannot take anything for granted, we need to embrace the times we have together and enjoy ourselves. I can also reflect that travel is not all about going to new places and ticking off a list, returning to destinations is a great thing to do especially when you can explore and discover new and wonderful experiences. 

2019 has not been planned yet and I only have one trip booked so far which is a big one. Iceland in March for four days, so exciting! So I will be spending some time planning trips, writing more and most of all enjoying time with my family. 

What are your travel plans for 2019? Do you have any suggestions for family holidays next year? 

Tell me your thoughts..

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