3 Occasions Calling For A Road Trip With Your Mates

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Guest post from Suzanne Elly: This one is for a road trip with your mates for the boys…

road trip with your mates

A get-together party or a night out with your boys is fun. But what’s more fun? More than one day of togetherness and bonding with your gang! What’s better than a road trip to bond and rock with your boys with different activities lined up? A road trip with your mates is one of the best ways to celebrate an occasion because it celebrates not only a day but an entire memorable journey and leaves a long lasting memory to cherish. From driving to your favourite tunes to crashing after a drunken night, a road trip puts you and your boys together in everything that you’re doing. It’s all for one and one for all.

Here are three occasions that definitely call for an all boys road trip:

  1. College Reunion

Remember the unstoppable days of college when you and your boys were always up for anything and everything? A road trip will put you right back to your days of being young, wild and free. You could choose a place that none of your batchmates have been to. Explore it together while reminiscing over your college days. You could even take a road trip to your alma mater, explore nearby places on the way and end with a bash at your college. Depending on the number of days you guys have, you could either plan a small weekend getaway or a week-long trip exploring some hidden gems of UK.


  1. Bachelor Party

Now, this one definitely calls for a crazy, adventure-filled and adrenaline rushing road trip lined with nothing but memorable times. After all it’s your boy heading over to the other side! This kind of road trip with your mates will bring with it lots of stag do activities, as is the tradition, of celebrating the groom reaching the finishing line of his bachelorhood.  You could plan multiple activities and events in multiple cities along the route of your road trip or you could take a road trip to one, particular city and plan all your activities in that city.

A bachelor road trip is way better than just one bachelor party because this means more than one bachelor celebration! The entire road trip will be a celebration of your bachelorhood and isn’t that better than just a day of celebration of your bachelorhood which is to come to an everlasting end, soon? So put your thinking caps on as to where would you like to take your boys and put those nude hands in the air before she puts a ring on it!


  1. Birthday

Can you distinctly recall your birthdays for doing something different than what you do every weekend? Was it the same old drinks, shots, blurred nights, passing out and waking up the next day? A year older but not wiser? Change that this birthday and be wise! Instead of emptying your pockets on Jagermeister shots, fill your eyes and mind with a new place. Take a few of your favourite boys out for a mini road trip in lieu of your birthday celebration. Hire a vintage car, book an apartment and drive down to the beautiful European countryside. Bring in your birthday in a new city, with new people, laughing and making fond memories.


Conclusion for a road trip with your mates:

There’s a reason travelling is the new partying. It’s a combination of more than just drinking and dancing. Not that that’s not fun, but why not infuse it with some adventures and long(er) lasting memories. You could always drink and go wild with your mates while exploring a new city or hiking on a new mountain. So this time try to do things differently. Take an all boys’ road trip to realise what you were missing!

Suzanne Elly is an avid traveller that has also had the fortune of closely working with the travel industry. She shares her love for travel, along with lessons from personal travel experience through her work on the Off Limits Stag Weekends blog.

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