A day exploring Bequia

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Exploring beautiful Bequia.

Bequia is a small island in St Vincent and the Grenadines and easy to explore in a day. We took a guided land rover tour to see the highlights of the island before exploring the tiny Port Elizabeth  and Princess Margaret Beach.

View of the bay from Fort Hamilton.

Our cruise ship could not dock directly in Bequia as it is a tender port. So we got on a small boat which took us to Port Elizabeth where we met our guide.

After driving through the town we made our way up to Fort Hamilton. This offered beautiful views across the bay and we listened to a little history lesson too. All that is left of the fort are a few cannons pointing across admiralty bay.

Pretty coloured houses.
Fort Hamilton Bequia.
Cannons at Fort Hamilton.

Next we drove through Bequia’s island greenery and past perfect beaches along the coast. During our ride we were told about the old plantations and new celebrity homes emerging on the hillside.

Island life seemed so relaxed. I loved watching everyday life go by, capturing a few moments as we passed by.

After stopping for a drink of Caribbean punch (no rum for me I’m afraid). We took in some more beautiful views across the other side and another bay. That’s the great thing about Bequia. Because of its size you are never far away from an amazing panoramic. Its fair to say my camera didn’t get a rest!

Local men relaxing in the shade.
Local boy in Bequia.
Lady collecting fruit.


One of favourite parts of the tour was our visit to Old Hegg turtle sanctuary. We met “Brother King” owner of the sanctuary who explained the work he does there. Rearing baby turtles until they are big and strong enough to be returned to the wild.

There are also a few older turtles who are permanent residents at the Sanctuary. Mr King explained that due to injury and also albino turtles with white bellies would not survive in the wild. This is why these turtles, including Old Hegg herself,  won a lifetime of care from Mr King.

Old Hegg turtle sanctuary.
Baby turtles.
Hello little turtle.
Beautiful turtles.
Permanent resident.

After the sanctuary visit our tour ended back at Port Elizabeth. As Princess Margaret beach was nearby we hopped in a taxi boat for a quick ride. Named after Royalty the beach is said to be favoured by the princess when she visited the island. The beach is small but very pretty. We grabbed a drink and a bite to eat at one of the few bars lining the beach. A very chilled out atmosphere, very Caribbean.

Instead of catching the boat back we walked along the coast. A small walkway over the sea and a stairway around coastal cliffs brought us back to the port.

Our last hour was spent wandering around the small souvenir stalls and shops before catching the tender back to the ship.

When visiting the Caribbean I definitely recommend a tour in Bequia. Such a beautiful, unspoiled island.



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