Belize Wildlife Boat Tour Shore Excursion

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Belize wildlife boat tour

As part of our cruise in January, we booked a Belize Wildlife boat tour as an excursion from our TUI cruise on the Marella Discovery 2. With a two-year-old, we were limited as to what trips we could book due to age limits but this tour was absolutely fantastic. Now with every wildlife spotting tour, there is never really any guarantee that you will see anything. But we saw so many creatures making an appearance during our trip.

You better Belize it

Belize wildlife boat tour

To reach the main port we had to tender to shore which was a short boat ride. Then we were met by our guide and taken to the boat with around twenty people or so. Tourism is up and coming in this country and the guide was so enthusiastic about Belize. With great facts and catchphrases, and a fun atmosphere whilst getting the tour underway.

We were offered bottled water and a rum punch as refreshments whilst we were heading from the port to the beginning of the wildlife tour. Then we arrived at the mouth of the river in the manatee zone where the tour began.

Wildlife spotting

Belize wildlife boat tour - saltwater crocodile

Whenever there was a sighting of any wildlife our guide was on it straight away. First, the engines were killed and we floated along quietly through the area that the gentle giants of the ocean, the manatees were located. Because of our position, we could not see the whole creature in the water. However, we watched for the noses poking out of the water all around us. Whilst looking out for surface seeking manatees, a saltwater crocodile pointed out to us too. Just basking in the sun on a small island a few metres away.

Next, further down the river, we saw quite a few different coloured iguanas. Having seen many iguanas up close and personal in Mexico previously this sighting wasn’t new to us. But seeing them climbing and jumping through trees was definitely a new experience. Then our guide spotted some brown bats resting on a tree on the river bank. The captain did a great job getting so close to the tree trunk so all the passengers could get a good look. After a few photos though, the bats had enough of the intrusion and a few of them flew off.

Returning to the coast

Belize wildlife boat tour - Blue Heron

On our way back down the river, we happened upon a blue heron in the water near to the jungle backdrop. Not sure what it is but I love spotting different birds wherever I am in the world. I find them quite intriguing to watch. As we left the river and floated back through the manatee zone, we thought that was the end of the wildlife. But we enjoyed one last surprise on this Belize wildlife boat tour! A pod of dolphins joined our boat and we saw them playfully jumping through the water.

After the Belize wildlife boat tour

After this amazing experience, we landed back at the port. The whole tour was only around two hours in duration but we saw so much in a short space of time. Then when we arrived back at the port we decided to take a look around. Exploring the immediate area of the Belize lighthouse and the Belize sign too. We enjoyed some refreshments in the port before heading back to the ship on our tender boat.

Back to Belize

From the short experience that I had in Belize, I would definitely want to return. The welcome and hospitality we received here was amazing and there is so much more of this country to explore. Maybe Belize, we will return in the future to explore more of the adventures you have to offer. What do you think? Would you like to visit Belize?

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