Best places to visit when travelling as a mum to be

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Are you travelling as a mum to be? If so, a babymoon is a perfect opportunity for a soothing trip before embracing the combined chaos, laughter, and joys that come with motherhood. Sleepless nights and tiny feet are around the corner. So what better way to while away the weeks than with a sun-drenched adventure of bliss and peaceful luxury?

Experts often recommend that you speak to your doctor before making travel plans. But once you’ve got the thumbs up, it’s time to take a break from your daily chores. Prepare to feel pampered in some of the world’s most amazing getaway destinations.

1. Greece

A slice of paradise floating on ethereal waters, Greece is only a short flight away from the UK. It also comes with a handful of exquisite islands and beautiful beaches that you can revel in. An entrancing tapestry of picturesque towns, irresistible culture and gorgeous beaches. This is the perfect spot for an indulgent escape that’s like no other on the planet. Visit the island of Crete to lounge on quiet carpets of velvet sands, with your bump on top and juice in hand. Don’t forget to head over to the Mykonos and Skopelos islands to indulge in delicious healthy cuisine, admire stunning seaside views and treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience.

2. Italy

Beautiful and exciting, Italy offers countless decadent retreats to soothe the pregnant wanderer. Lake Garda, for instance, is an ideal spot to celebrate your final chance for a sweet, romantic holiday. Set in the heart of dramatic mountainscapes amid stunning lakesides.
And if you’re up for a bit of walking, visit the nearby city of Venice to enjoy exotic islands, gondola rides, and picturesque views. Once you’re done admiring the stunning galleries, basilicas and grand palaces that dot the city, don’t forget to sample some of the delicious local cuisines that will tempt your nose around every corner. And if Italian adventure is one of your more persistent cravings, you can even waddle over to Rome. Everything from the Colosseum down to the pumping street vibes will leave you mesmerised and wanting more.

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3. Turkey

Looking to squeeze in a truly exotic holiday before the baby comes? If dazzling cultures, far-off wonders and unusual sights are your cup of tea, then a holiday in Turkey is just what you need. Travelling as a mum to be Antalya in Turkey is best described as a patchwork of fine Roman architecture, stunning mosques and other historical monuments all beautifully blended together. Creating a unique city showcasing the best of both Eastern and Western cultures. A vastly different experience from your typical European vacation. This is a fascinating city to explore and fall in love with.
And if you ever get tired of sightseeing, you can always pamper yourself in one of Antalya’s many lavish spas or connect with nature at the jaw-dropping waterfalls just outside the city.

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4. Iceland

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body, causing your body temperature to rise more than usual. It’s always important to meet special requirements when travelling and consider what’s best for you and your baby. And if you’re looking to say goodbye to sweaty palms and the annoying heat, then head over to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, where you can revel in fresh air and float in luxurious mineral waters that are guaranteed to soothe your pregnancy woes.
Besides all the relaxing activities available here, you can also opt for stress-free adventures such as trips to see the Northern Lights, or bask in the natural beauty of the nearby Gullfoss waterfalls.

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5. Bahamas

Bustling cities and cultural highlights are all well and good. But sometimes all you want from a babymoon is complete leisure and relaxation. And if you’re craving for the ultimate bliss that can only come from a seaside vacation. The Bahamas is where you need to be.
Lounge on peaceful sun-kissed beaches, dig your toes into soft white sands and cool off in serene blue waters. Enjoying those that lap tantalizingly against the white shores. If you’re in the mood for some adventure, the island offers many activities from fishing and boating to diving and nightlife. The Bahamas is truly a place of pleasure and idle luxury. With countless restaurants, shopping centres and classy hotels where you can be pampered to your heart’s content.

But sometimes all you want from a babymoon is complete leisure and relaxation.

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Where will you choose for your babymoon when travelling as a mum to be?

As you can see there are varied destinations and things to do however far along you are. Just make sure you have the right travel insurance and let your operators know if you have any complications. Last of all, enjoy the peaceful moments before the baby arrives!

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