Better Backpacking – Less Stress

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Backpacking should be an experience of a lifetime, and one that you do with as little stress as possible. Of course, there will be things that happen along the way that you had not planned for. These are not always bad though. They can be exciting and wondrous and will make your better backpacking experience even, more memorable.


To make the whole journey as hassle-free as you can, there are some simple things you can do to take the stress of travelling away and enjoy a better backpacking experience. 

better backpacking
Better backpacking – how can you improve your backpacking style?

Practice Packing And Unpacking


This is something you will do many times, and the more adept you are at it the better. Just shoving things in your bag will mean your clothes all end up creased and looking like rags. Shampoo or other liquids will leak and dirt of shoes will end up over everything.


Start by rolling your clothes. You will find they take up a lot less space and will not be so creased when you come to wear them. Rolled individually, they will be easier to find as well.


Make sure you include at least two plastic bags. You will find these very useful for put muddy shoes in, holding creams jars and shampoos bottles that might be a bit sticky and for keeping wet or damp clothes away from your dry ones. They last a long time and can be reused many times. This is something you will be so glad you bothered to shove in a corner of your bag.


Although space is important, you should make sure you find room for two towels. If you only have one and have been on the beach all day, you will get fed up of drying yourself with sand. Having two lets you keep one for the beach, and one for everyday use.


Leave Tech Behind


Unless you are intending to be backpacking for a very long time, leave your tablet or laptop at home. They take up valuable space, and are at risk of being stolen or broken. Even your smartphone is best replaced with a cheap model, as it will not matter quite so much if something happens to it.


If you are taking a camera, do not pack one that is very expensive. A cheap waterproof one if the best option.


Do not forget to pack a charger for your phone and camera, or they will; not be much use to you anyway.

Things To Keep Handy


There are some things you should always keep handy so you do not have to empty your bag to find them at the bottom. Most rucksacks have pockets and in one of them you should always have some wet wipes and hand sanitiser. Or if you have a day bag, keep them in there.


These come in very handy, especially if there are no washing facilities immediately available.


A pair of socks is also something that you will be glad you kept handy. If you have been in flip-flops all day, but then get an overnight bus or plane, you will be pleased you have some socks to hand.


You may want to do some work while you are travelling, as this can help you to stretch your budget further and maybe mean you can travel for longer. With this in mind, you should always have your CV handy, as you never know what jobs you will come across along the way.


Sometimes, earning a bit of extra cash lets you live a bit better lifestyle for a while. For instance, if you are getting a bit fed up with hostel life you might look at a studio apartment for rent in Kl, for example. In this part of the world and many others, property is not expensive to rent and will give you a break from sleeping in dormitories. Getting all your clothes washed and refreshed before you move on helps you feel fresh.


Food Storage


As you move from place to place you will not know if there are any food shops, or drinks available. You should carry a bag that you replenish before you leave anywhere so that you are certain you have something to eat when you arrive at your next destination. There is also the possibility that your next port of call is in some forest or on a mountain where there will no eating or drinking facilities anyway. Or maybe you arrive somewhere very late and find all the shops are closed.


A bag that will fold easily into your rucksack when it is not in use is ideal. You should make sure you have some water and snacks so that at least you will not starve or get too thirsty.


Plan Efficiently If You Are Not Travelling Alone


If your trip is going to be more than just you then you can save space by making sure you do not double up on things. Hair products, hair dryers, and straighteners are all things we are willing to share. Split the carrying of them between you for an extra bonus on luggage weight too. Even if it is two of you, this will leave more space for a few other things. If it is a group of you, then you could all benefit from sharing some items.


Make Your Bag Personal


So much luggage looks alike that it is easy for you to pick the wrong one of a carousel or off a luggage rack on a bus. Personalise your bag so it is immediately obvious to you which one it is. Using stickers could do this and coloured straps around it can as well. Or just by adding anything that will make sure it will stand out from the rest.


In making your bag more noticeable, you may also have made it more secure. If you have tied something bright and colorful that covers the opening, you give an extra layer of security on top of any locks.

Better backpacking – less stress?

Each of these suggestions can help to make you improve your better backpacking experience and make it less stressful. So you can enjoy the reasons you are really there, to see other parts of the world, to see different cultures, how they live and to meet new people.

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