Booking trips and getting the best deals

Booking trips
Here’s my advice on how to plan and book your trips. This is how I do it! Booking trips and getting the best deals.

I always use Skyscanner to research flights. If I have a destination in mind I will check the available flights on different dates and times and find the best deal.

If I have dates in mind I will search the dates and compare prices to different destinations and find the best deals on the dates I can fly.

Then I will always follow the link to the airline to book, rather than to another search site.


Once I have booked my flights I move on to Tripadvisor to find hotels and restaurants.

I always search by location first to ensure the hotel is central. Then I will search by reviews to find the best hotel in the best location.

I will then check restaurants in the area. I will look at the websites and reviews to get an idea of what is available, what the average prices are and whether I need to book ahead.
Check out the best restaurant and hotel reviews and deals at TripAdvisor

I like to book hotels through because I can book at today’s price but pay at the time of staying. I can also cancel up to 24 hours before if I find a better hotel deal.

You can search for the best deals below


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