Our Dubrovnik Trip – What we did this time!

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Our Dubrovnik trip. We returned to Dubrovnik in September after 4 years for our wedding anniversary. Bringing along our daughter and sharing our wedding destination with her.

Our Dubrovnik trip

When we first visited, although we spent a week here wedding planning meant that we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to before moving on to explore the rest of Croatia and Europe.

This time for our Dubrovnik trip we had a long list of things we wanted to do. But also factor in some chill time!


New places we explored on our Dubrovnik trip

Dubrovnik Cable car

Our Dubrovnik Trip
The view from the top of the cable car

One of the things I really wanted to do was take the cable car to the viewing point high above Dubrovnik. It was closed for a few days due to the wind and adverse weather but we finally got to reach the top. Going early was a good idea as there wasn’t must of a queue, which was extremely long when we got back down.  The spectacular view was the best you can get here in my opinion. Amazing to see the whole structure of the old town surround by the walls from above.

Lokrum Island

Our Dubrovnik trip
The view of Dubrovnik from the top of Lokrum Island

The first time we took a boat trip in Dubrovnik was eventful, to say the least. The weather was so bad and the sea so choppy that we had to turn back early. Yes, this was on our wedding day too! During our Dubrovnik trip this time, we were determined to make it to Lokrum Island. The weather was changeable on the day we chose to take the trip. However, the boat ride was smooth and after a  rain shower when we arrived, the skies cleared. This gave us just enough time to hike to the top of the Island and look out onto Dubrovnik and the sea. We found little coves, beaches and explored the ruined Fort at the top of the island. And of course, we saw the native peacocks here too.

Dubrovnik Churches

Saint Blaise church
The inside of Saint Blaise Church

This was more interesting for me than the husband but I enjoyed looking around Churches we missed before. St Blaise church was opposite our apartment and I finally got to explore this beautiful church. The nuns here adored our Daughter and she became the centre of attention.  I dived in and out of a few churches to take a few photos including the large Cathedral which is usually very busy.

Spending time on the Beaches

Our Dubrovnik trip
Copacabana beach

We had a little explore of Banje beach, next to the old town with lovely views across to Lokrum Island. There were a lot of steps up and down to the small beach but it wasn’t too bad. Then for a proper beach day, we jumped on the number 22 bus to Lopud and hung out at Copacabana beach. Hired some beach chairs and chased our little girl around the pebbly beach. It was nice to get some beach time and relax for a little while.

A day trip to Montenegro

Our Dubrovnik trip -
Looking out to the Islands in Perast, Montenegro

Another place I’ve wanted to visit and a new Country too! It was a long day with a baby but our one year old was great and entertained herself and others on the coach. First, we visited Perast and the man-made island of Our Lady on the Rocks.

The great places we revisited

Sponza Palace

Sponza Palace - returning to Dubrovnik

Of course, we had to return to Sponza Palace and introduce our baby girl to this lovely old building.

Old town city walls

Our dubrovnik trip
Walking the city walls

No trip would be complete without wandering along the old walls and looking out over the sea and fort.

The Fort

Our Dubrovnik trip
Looking out onto the Fort Dubrovnik

Although it’s a bit of a climb we had to walk around this old fort once more. Our girl loved running around the ruins and playing peekaboo around the pillars too.

Buza Bar and Art Cafe

Our Dubrovnik trip
Beers and a water at Buza

Yes, even with a toddler in tow we managed to return to these two great bars which we spent a lot of time in with friends four years ago.

All in all, we had a lovely time as a family returning to Dubrovnik. I wonder when we will return next. Soon I hope!

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