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On our last-minute trip to Berlin in November, we had planned to do a few things but exploring Berlin zoo wasn’t on the initial itinerary. We wanted to do something family friendly and had planned to visit Legoland Berlin. But after reading some terrible reviews we changed our mind. So we did a bit of research and decided that Berlin zoo would be a great idea. Here is how we got on:

Exploring Berlin Zoo

Getting to Berlin Zoo

We stayed near to Potsdammer Platz but we decided to grab an Uber to get there in the morning giving us time to walk around and walk back afterwards. It’s really easy to get around Berlin and there are buses and underground services that will get you there. With a young child though and being short of time it was easier to get in a taxi and go direct!

Exploring Berlin Zoo

I was delighted to find out that this zoo holds the world’s largest variety of species in a zoo. The website claimed there are almost 20,000 animals of around 1,400 species live in this 33-hectare zoo. There is a massive aquarium that is included in the ticket price which our daughter loved.

Even though the zoo is large it is really easy to get around, we walked the whole way around with a pushchair in tow. The exhibits and paddocks are easily accessible and we didn’t have any trouble at any part.

Exploring Berlin Zoo
Map of Berlin Zoo.

What were our highlights?

I absolutely fell in love with the Pandas! I was so excited when I found out there were Pandas at this zoo and I feel very privileged to have seen them in real life. They looked so happy eating their bamboo, I could have watched them all day, In fact, we saw them once and then went back for a second time later on too.

The Asian Elephants were also great to see, as well as the Giraffes and the big cats too. The primate house has an impressive amount of different monkeys and some very big, quite aggressive gorillas.

Our one year old really enjoyed the reptile house and the aquarium. There are lots of spiders and snakes to see and it was easy for her to view them in the large glass tanks.

The Rhinos were really interesting to see up close, another animal that I have rarely seen and especially that close.

Exploring Berlin Zoo
Jellyfish- exploring Berlin zoo.

Are the animals happy?

When I visit any animal attraction I am always wary about how the animals are treated. Here I saw they have plenty of space and are obviously fed well. Good funding and sponsorship programmes mean the right people are there to care for the animals.

The zoo also supports two-thirds of all international endangered species programmes. These programmes contribute to the long-term preservation of animal species which are threatened which I think is excellent! The only concern I had was with the big cats who looked kind of sad. Although they were probably just tired as they had just had lunch!

Opening time and Tickets

Visit Berlin zoo between 9 am and 430 pm in the winter and between 9 am and 6 pm in the summer. Tickets cost 15,50 €  zoo only or 21,00 € plus aquarium for Adults. For children from 4 up to 15 years, it is 8,00 € zoo only and 10,50 € plus aquarium. There are also discounts for large groups, families and concessions.

Would you visit Berlin zoo?

Having already visited Berlin, I have seen a few different sides to the city. There are plenty of great things to do as a couple but it is also a very child-friendly city. With Kinder cafes and lots of parks, there are always places to blow off some steam. If you are thinking about a city break with kids then Berlin is a great choice. Make sure you visit the zoo during your trip too!

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