Family Travel In Jordan – Part Two

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Family travel in Jordan - Exploring Petra
Camels in Petra

Continuing on from Family travel in Jordan Part One our first few days in Jordan, we finished our amazing day in Petra. We made our way back down the mountain path from the monastery and through the siq to the visitor centre. By the time we were finished, it was getting pretty busy with tour groups. It was much hotter as the day moved on too. At around 2 pm we contacted our driver and he collected us along with our luggage back at the hotel.

Next, we were taken through the scenic route to the Dead Sea. The views were absolutely incredible and our driver explained some of the amazing natural phenomenon in the area. We stopped at a place where the earth was so magnetic our car rolled back up a hill along the road! We also stopped at some viewpoints with rest stops along the way. The people were so friendly and our girl was spoiled by everyone she met.

Views over Jordan and Israel

On to the Dead Sea

We decided that we needed some time to rest and rejuvenate after a busy few days and the Dead Sea was the perfect place. We arrived at the Hilton Hotel Dead Sea just in time to check-in, enjoy some dinner and relax. Compared to the other places we had experienced in Jordan, the Hilton was quite expensive. But the hotel was lovely and we had a great relaxing time.

The view from the Hilton Dead Sea Hotel

We had a full day to enjoy the Dead Sea and the hotel. We went down to the hotel beach and just had to go for a “float” in the sea. I was so excited about this experience and it didn’t disappoint. The seawater here is 30 times saltier than the ocean. Not only does the saltiness keep you afloat it also has healing properties. For the full benefits, we were told to float in the sea for 5 minutes then cover ourselves in the natural mud which was sourced and provided by the hotel. Then we let the mud dry on our skin. Next, we returned to the sea to wash off the mud. Finally, we showered in the outdoor showers to remove the mud and salt.

Our girl floated for a short while and enjoyed it, but managed to splash the water on her face. Luckily one of the hotel staff was on standby with a bottle of water that cleaned her face and rinsed her mouth. At the same time, a lady in the sea flipped over and had to be helped up and out. Coughing up seawater.

Top tips for the dead sea experience:

  • Don’t wash your face in the sea, before and after the mud. It will sting to get the salty water in your eyes and mouth.
  • Don’t shave before you enter the sea, again that will sting!
  • If you do get any seawater in your mouth, drink plenty of water and rinse it out straight away.
  • Make sure you rinse off completely when you have finished.
  • Although kids can go in the sea with you, be careful to keep their heads out of the water due to the salt. You can flip over easily due to the buoyancy so don’t let them move around too much or they could end up flipping onto their faces.

A relaxing family-friendly day

After enjoying our time at the beach and the dead sea, we spent some time at the pools in the hotel. First, we enjoyed the family infinity pool for some swimming and fun. Then we headed to the children’s area with the splash pool and playground. After plenty of fun, we ordered poolside lunch and we explored the indoor play area. Our girl had a great time!

Family travel in Jordan - Dead sea Hilton hotel childrens area
Children’s area Dead Sea Hilton Hotel Jordan

After a fun-filled, but also a relaxing day, we enjoyed a lovely evening with dinner and drinks on the terrace. It is worth a mention here that Jordan is a majority dry country so there are not many places that serve alcohol. We didn’t bother with alcoholic drinks for most of our trip but indulged here. Spending around £30 on a regular bottle of wine!

Our last day in Jordan

The next day was our last day, but we made sure we packed a lot in after our downtime at the Dead Sea. We managed a lie-in, being picked up by our driver at midday after checking out. Then, after a scenic drive, we arrived at Mount Nebo. Said to be the place that Moses was given the view of the promise-land and also his final resting place. I think although brought up as a Catholic, I would not consider myself a religious person. However, the historic and cultural significance of this place really interested me.

Family travel in Jordan - Mount Nebo
Mount Nebo – Family travel in Jordan

We explored the site, looked out to the view Moses would have been shown, which reaches all the way to Jerusalem on a fair day. We admired the olive tree Pope John Paul planted here and visited the newly modernised church. Seeing the historic mosaics here was lovely and when we got home our girl wanted to create her own art with mosaics too.

Views across the promise land - Family travel in Jordan
The incredible view

Then we explored Madaba, we visited the St. George Greek Orthodox Church and the Archaeological Park with the beautiful mosaics of the Church of the Virgin. We also enjoyed some souvenir shopping here and when stopping off on our journey too.

Family travel in Jordan?

Lastly, we were dropped off at the airport in plenty of time for our flight. We cannot thank our driver Mamoun enough for our amazing experience in Jordan. And for the great organisation from start to finish with Jordan Select tours, beginning with our planning with Nairooz. Would I recommend family travel in Jordan? Absolutely! I feel incredibly lucky to be able to tick off another of my bucket list destinations.

What do you think? Would you like to explore Jordan? Any questions about our trip leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer!

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