10 Ways To Finance Your Travels

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When you want to travel, there can be a lot of barriers that hold you back. While it really should be simple for you to think about deciding where to go, getting the money together, and heading out on a trip, things very rarely pan out that way. Sometimes you can worry about travelling alone or to a country that you want to visit. Or sometimes you’ll not be able to decide where to go. Or even sometimes, you let life get in the way and travel then goes to the very bottom of your priorities list. But there are often all mindset issues. because you’re letting yourself choose other things, or get in the way of your travel. So this has to be something that you learn to overcome. Now, another very common barrier that a lot of people deal with is how to finance your travels. Because to some, travel can be incredibly expensive.

But how do you finance your travels?

But, it is time for you to realize that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, there are trips that are really costly and that can cost a ton of money for people to go on. But you don’t have to do that. If you want to go travelling or just make room for more vacations in your life, you can. It’s all about three things – your mind, your organization, and your planning. It’s not always about the money! Because you can make money and you can save money – these are the easy parts. The hard part is committing to doing it. So if you’re really ready to make money room for travel in your life, here are some ways that you can look to finance it.

  1. Cut Your Spending

The very first thing you can do here is to cut your spending. Because if you know that you’re putting money on just about every other area of your life, but not travel, something needs to change. And we all have things that we can cut out. Yes, you might like that morning coffee. But if you were to stop buying that for a year, there’s your travel money. So start to be strategic about where you can shift your funds from to pay for more travel.

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  1. Reduce Your Bills

But it’s not just spending that you can work on, there are your bills too. And while you cannot just cut them altogether, you can reduce them. Most of the time, you can switch deals to a new provider for a better rate. Some, you may actually be able to just cut out if you know that they’re not a necessity.

  1. Create A Savings Plan


Next, you need to be really intentional about getting the money together for travel. If you don’t actively start to save for it, how do you ever expect to get the money together? This is where developing a savings plan comes in handy. Think about the amount you would need to travel with, then commit to saving a set amount per week or per month.

  1. Change Your Priorities

And you absolutely have to change your priorities too. If travel is not your number one, then it’s time to make it. Because if you really want to make money for travel, you have to shift things around so that this is all you focus on. You could look for online loans no credit check, but just making simple changes to your financial life could work more. As long as you know that saving for this is more important than anything else, the money will come up.

  1. Get A Second Job


If you know that you just aren’t saving enough money at the moment and you want to change that, getting a side job could be perfect. Maybe you have evenings and weekends free? So doing some casual work for money that you can add to the travel fund pot could be perfect for you. Check out Travelgeektara’s Etsy shop here for some inspiration. 


  1. Aim For A Promotion

If you don’t want to do that, then why not look to get more money at work? Because the more money you earn, the more income you have spare to spend on travel. So why no think up a promotional plan that you can follow to get yourself a pay rise at work?

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  1. Sell Your Old Things

A really quick win to get extra money to travel with is to sell your old stuff. If you know that you have clothes and books and games and anything else lying around the house, you could sell it online or at a garage sale to get extra money to go towards your travels.

  1. Start a Side Hustle

Or maybe you want to make better use of your evenings and weekends by doing something for yourself? Side hustling is hot right now. And you can make more money for your travels by blogging or creating a product or selling a freelance service. So if you really want to throw more money into the cause, this could do it. Learning how travelling can actually finance your travels is a great skill. 

  1. Collect Points


Now, if you do travel regularly at the moment, collecting travel points that you can then put towards more flights could work. Not only that, you could look to change your credit card so that you earn more towards your travel too. Even getting cashback online could help you to fund more travels. So just be strategic about the financial products you’re using here and how you spend.

  1. Work In The Travel Industry

But then if you really want to make travel such an integral part of your life, why not work in the travel industry? Or even get a job that allows you to travel? You could become a travel blogger or a travel agent or a travel journalist or work in the hospitality industry. You could even work for an international corporation or start your own international business. Because then, technically, you’re getting paid to travel!

And now that you’ve seen each of the ways that you can look to finance your travels, what’s stopping you?

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