Holidays With a Difference – Where Will You Go?

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Holidays with a difference - Easter Island
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We all look for different things from a holiday. While wanting to escape the daily grind and routine is the common factor for most people, some of us want action and adventure. Others simply want to relax and wind during their annual vacation. Some people pick the same holiday spot every single year – that good old resort that never lets you down. However, some people want something new and something different. Something that adds a bit of mystery. Here are some ideas for holidays with a difference.

Whitechapel, London

London might not seem to be the most mysterious of destinations. Although, to the one in ten UK residents of the United Kingdom that have never visited, it may well be! It has plenty of offer tourists in general, from historical sites of importance such as the Tower of London and dungeons to modern attractions and museums. However, if you are going down the mysterious route, then paying a visit to Whitechapel is very much recommended.

Here, you can take a Jack the Ripper Tour and immerse yourself deep into a mystery that over one hundred years of detective work have never solved. In 1888, five women were murdered in Victorian London, bringing the city to its knees and throwing up all sorts of theories as to who was behind the gruesome deaths. Perhaps you will come up with your own while walking in the footsteps of his unfortunate victims.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

These spectacular buildings have been an archeological mystery for scientists, historians, and engineers for hundreds of years. Just how did the ancient civilization transport the millions of tonnes of stone to build them? Perhaps by visiting them with one of the best Egypt tour companies, you can put forward your own theories to the mystery that continues to baffle.

Loch Ness, Scotland

If you are looking for somewhere not only shrouded in mystery but surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. A break to the banks of the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands should be on your mystery holiday bucket list. The highlands of Scotland are breathtakingly beautiful. Rolling hills and lush green scenery as far as the eye can see. But does this hide the mystery that belies the deep dark waters of the Loch: Nessie. Somewhere in the depths of the predominately freshwater lake is thought to be a monster. Does it exist? No one knows, but if you spend a while at the loch, who knows what you will see!

 Easter Island, Chile 

Egypt is not the only place with mysterious, large scale ancient constructions. Just as interesting and mesmerising are the standing stone statues on Easter Island. The Moai, as they are otherwise known as, weigh more than 14 tonnes – some may be as heavy as 80 tonnes. So how did they get there, and why are they there? Thanks to environmental factors, they may not be around for that much longer. So book a trip out there and give your thoughts on these superb structures before it’s too late!

Which holidays with a difference will you choose?

There are so many amazing places around the world to choose from. Here are just a few of the mysterious and interesting places listed as holidays with a difference. Which destinations would you recommend?

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