Kompong Phluk floating village

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The enchanting floating village of Kompong Phluk Cambodia

























Kompong Phluk
A local boy on a boat in the village


I read about the villages built on stilts near to Siem Reap, so I was intrigued. I wanted to see this way of life with the rise and fall of the water. Kompong Phluk was a little further away from Siem Reap than the more frequently visited Chong Kneas, harder to get to but apparently a more authentic experience.

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Kompong Phluk
On the boat through the village

Our tuk-tuk driver was employed by our hotel Diamond D’Angkor and we booked him to take us to the village after exploring the Roulous temples.

It was a long ride to the hut like ticket office where our driver helped us to buy our tickets. We paid $30 for two tickets which did not include the mangrove tour. It was then a very bumpy ride to the boat docks. It was very confusing on arrival, I had no idea who to speak to, or where to go. Just a lot of people sitting around and moving boats. Luckily our driver knew what he was doing and found our boat driver.

When gliding through the village we could see daily life unfolding. There was a Police station, school and houses all on stilts in the water. Adults and children milling about on boats, fishing and working.

Kompong Phluk Houses
Kompong Phluk Houses

In the village

Once in the village, we met some local people for a tour of the Mangroves. It seemed that this was almost mandatory. We had a few dollars left so we paid $7 each for the tour. It was worth it for a relaxing ride through the flooded forest. There were a few local floating market boats trying to sell books and snacks but we didn’t buy anything (we had ran out of cash)

Kompong Phluk
Mangrove tour

Next, we were dropped off at one of the local restaurants and I think we were expected to have a meal. However, we asked to get straight back onto our boat. We went through the rest of the village to the lake. The lake was beautiful and went on for miles. We were going to wait to see the sunset but a storm came over and we had to go back. We made the right decision!

The village changed during the downpour and it was interesting to see the place in the rain. It made our tuk-tuk ride a little tricky getting back in the slippy mud but our driver was amazing.

Storm brewing Tonle Sap Lake
Storm brewing Tonle Sap Lake

If you are thinking about making the trip go for it! It’s worth a visit, just make sure you have a driver or guide you can trust!

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  1. lukepetermarlin

    Wow Tara this sounds incredible! Such a unique way of life which is completely foreign to us. I was enthralled throughout the entire read.

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