Liebster award- more nominations

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Liebster award

Liebster award- more nominations!

Thanks to Melissa from OneNomadWoman and Pooja and Rex from Travel jots for the nominations…

The Liebster Award is an online award given out by fellow bloggers to new bloggers. It’s a great way to network and get your blog noticed. This is my second time around so I’m really excited to give my replies and  see what answers I get!

The Rules are

Thank the blogger who gave it to you including a link back to their website.
Answer the eleven questions they ask you.
Nominate bloggers with less than 500 followers.
Ask those eleven bloggers eleven questions.
Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated so they can continue the chain.

Here are my answers to Melissa’s Questions… You can visit OneNomadWoman’s blog here 

1- What has been your favorite travel destination and why?

It has to be Dubrovnik, where I got married 🙂

2- If you could only carry 5 things in your backpack, what would they be?

Mmm… Phone/camera, alcohol handgel (you never know when you need it), a map, I love maps!, sunglasses and a scarf. Very strange combination but it’s what I always have with me

3- Do you have any funny communication gone wrong stories from your travels?

When travelling in Budapest I had to pay a fine for not getting my train ticket stamped… I don’t speak Hungarian and the only thing the guard could say in English was ‘Big Problem’ It cost me 35 euros!

4- Hostels or Camping. If you had to choose, which one and why?

Camping! I enjoy camping and although I’m in a tent I have my own space. I don’t really like sharing with people who I don’t know so usually give hostels a miss.

5- Craziest thing you have ever seen while traveling.

This is difficult….

6- Your greatest lesson learned from travels so far…

Book ahead,  hotels, attraction tickets it’s so worthwhile to plan

7- Where have you met the most hospitable people on your journey?

Probably in a village in China, however I’ve met helpful people from so many different places!

8- How much time do you devote to maintaining your blog/social media each week?

I spend about an hour a day I think, I’m developing ways to reduce this as I go along but I enjoy reading other blogs and updates too!

9- Have you found ways to reduce time spent on your site yet still remain productive with the content and reach? If so, how?

I’m working on it! I spend a few hours a week updating and trying new things… I welcome any tips!

10- How do you fund your travels?

I work a relatively normal job and spend what I can of my wages on travelling

11- Top 3 pieces of advice for anyone considering being a traveler/blogger.

1) Work with other bloggers not against them, its great to network and you can learn a lot 2) Make sure you enjoy what you are doing and it’s not a chore 3) Spend time to discover and decide what your niche is.

Thanks to Melissa for the questions!

Here are the answers to Pooja and Rex’s questions. You can visit Travel Jots blog here

1. Do you feel your efforts have been recognized as a new blogger on receipt of this award?

Yes 🙂 this is the second time I’ve been nominated (thanks)

2. Where would you love to travel to – Mountains or Beaches?

I love both and it depends how I feel… difficult to decide this one1!

3. Why did you become a travel blogger?

I love travelling and I am always talking about travel and giving advice. I decided to write it all down in a blog and I really enjoy it!

4. What are the three must have travel gears in your opinion?

A backpack, boots and a camera!

5. Which is your favorite cocktail?

Mojito! The best Mojito I’ve ever had was in an amazing cocktail bar in Barcelona!

6. Do you intend to travel to India or have traveled? Which place did you like the most?

India is on my list, seeing the Taj Mahal is on my bucketlist 🙂

7. What do you dislike about blogging?

I think it may be the amount of hours I spend.. the time flies by but I enjoy it!

8.  If given a choice to choose only among Disqus or Comment luv on your blog, which one would you choose and why?

I think you mean discuss or comments? I’m not quite sure

9.  What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten?

Probably Llama when I was in Peru.

10. Do you actually read the entire post of people or just swipe through and comment for links?

I read the posts! I love reading other blogs, I get hints and tips for my future travels and it also helps me to improve my own blog.

11. Have you ever been caught cheating or stealing?

Strange question…Big fat NO! Mainly because I haven’t cheated or stolen…


So now you have heard my answers….

My nominations are

Matt from Travel Geeks

Laura and Penny from Marvellous Journey

Natalie Tamara from the Tofu Diaries

Gemma from Gem goes wandering

The  Grumpy Tart

Danielle from Traveller envy 

Chaitanya Shah from Traveling Curiously

Dez from This Is Dez

My questions are:

1) If you could live in one Country for the rest of your life which would it be?

2)What is your favourite travel souvenir and why?

3)Which mode of transport do you prefer when travelling?

4)What travel item could you not live without?

5)How would you best describe your travel style? (Luxury, backpacking, middle of the road….?)

6)What inspires you to travel?

7)How do you promote your travel blog and what works best for you?

8)Which social media site do you prefer and why?

9)What travel books/guides do you use?

10)Is there any place you never wish to visit?

11)Where in the world are you now and what are you doing?


I look forward to hearing your answers…. Please Tweet me when you have posted!

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  1. Natalie Tamara

    Aw thank you so much 🙂 I loved reading your answers and can’t wait to answer your questions! In response to the last one though, I am about to hit the road to Morocco so will have to answer them when I get back 😉

    • travelgeektara

      Thanks, I look forward to hearing your answers! Have a great trip!

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