Money Saving Travel Hacks For Your Next Vacation

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Guest Post by Kyle Doran. Going on vacation and travelling is essential for the human spirit. It helps to improve your mental health, sense of adventure and your appreciation for life.  However, travelling can be a very expensive activity that ends up adding more stress to your life than it relieves. This is why learning how to travel smarter is a great use of your time.  By utilizing the following money saving travel hacks, you’ll be able to cut your vacation costs significantly. Meaning you can truly enjoy your time away.

Trade Your Hotel Room For a Furnished Apartment

Airbnb and VRBO have completely changed how people travel for the better.  These options are much less expensive than getting a hotel room for the night.  They also have the added benefit of including a kitchen so you can prepare home cooked meals instead of eating out at expensive restaurants.  This is also a great alternative to getting a hotel because you can actually experience the culture of the area you’re visiting. As opposed to living the homogenized hotel life.  For instance, we recently took a trip out to San Diego, California and used Airbnb to find an apartment rental.  Our place was five minutes from the beach and came with surfboards and bikes to use during our stay.  This made our trip a much more genuine experience of the California beach culture.

Take Advantage of an Airline/Fuel/Food Rewards Card

Money saving travel hacks
Money saving travel hacks – credit card rewards

One of the best travel hacks that can save you a lot of money, is signing up for a credit card that gives rewards.  There are a myriad of different airline, fuel and food rewards credit cards available, but for the most part, they all work the same.  For instance, by signing up for an airline rewards credit card, using it for all of your monthly purchases and paying off the balance each month, you can earn reward points that can then be exchanged for free airline tickets.  Most of these cards have a spending bonus as well.  This means that after you spend a given amount within a set time period (usually 1-3 months), that you will earn bonus reward points.

The key here is to pay off your spending balance completely each month. This way you can avoid running into interest rates.  By planning ahead, avoiding pitfalls and using a credit card responsibly to your advantage, you can earn free air travel for your next vacation.

Say you plan to rent an RV and take a road trip for your next vacation instead of flying.  A similar tactic can be used to save on fuel.  There are lots of gas station credit cards that offer cash back for making purchases at different store locations.  By using these cards, you can capitalize on the rewards benefits, by making purchases that you were already planning to make.  The only requirement of you is a bit more planning and discipline.

Buy Groceries Instead of Dining Out

money saving travel hacks
Money saving travel hacks – shopping

One of the main costs of travelling is eating out at restaurants.  You can save a lot of money, by simply buying your own groceries and preparing your own meals throughout your trip.  Go check out the local grocery store when you first arrive at your destination.  Purchase enough food to keep full during your trip so that you don’t end up spending a ton of money on dinner during your nights out.  This also has the added benefits of eating what the locals eat. Really appreciating the meals that you do decide to go out and splurge on.

Eat Out For Lunch Instead of Dinner

Money saving travel hacks
Money saving travel hacks – lunch instead of dinner

Along with buying food from a grocery store and using your rental apartment’s kitchen to prepare meals, you can also save lots of money by simply choosing lunch over dinner when eating out.  The lunch menu at most restaurants is generally about 30% cheaper than eating off of the dinner menu.  This is an easy hack to use to save quite a bit of money. Without giving up the experience of great food during your travels.

We hope that these helpful money saving travel hacks will encourage you to strike out on your own adventure in a budget-friendly way.  Taking a vacation to escape your daily routine and rediscovering yourself can be a life-changing experience.  By simply planning ahead and taking a few responsible steps, you can dramatically cut your travel expenses and put a vacation within your reach.

Do you have any money saving travel hacks?

If you have any other tips for travellers wanting to make their budget go further? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.



Kyle Doran is a writer for B&B RV and a Colorado native.  When he isn’t writing, he enjoys getting outdoors, camping and hiking in the mountains. Exploring the wildlife that Colorado has to offer.

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