Patara Elephant farm Chiang Mai

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Patara Elephant Farm Chiang Mai Thailand

Patara Elephant Farm One of the most memorable experiences whilst in Chiang Mai was my visit to Patara Elephant Farm.

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I booked the ‘Elephant owner for a day ‘ experience after carefully checking through reviews of Elephant encounters in the area.

I chose Patara as it appeared they really cared for their Elephants and the emphasis was on conservation rather than just making money from tourists.

Our guide picked us up from our hotel and took us into the mountains where the farm is located. In our group there were four couples.

Patara Elephant Farm

On arrival, we were first taken to an area for mother and baby elephants. We were introduced to the babies and were told a little bit about each one and their mothers.

Then we sat, listened and learned about our itinerary for the day. Our knowledgable guide explained how to approach the elephants and look for any warning signs.

We were allocated elephants in order of temperament, and age depending on the individual. Our guide explained how to check if our elephant was healthy and happy. Including checking their skin, their poop and their demeanour.

Patara Elephant Farm

Then we were introduced to our elephant and given a basket of food to feed them. We learned how to talk to our elephant and gained their trust. Of course they were happy that we were feeding them!

We spent a wonderful morning getting to know our elephant and learning about them.

Following an amazing lunch we learned how to mount our elephants and the commands. Then we took our elephants on a trek through the jungle down to the river to wash them. It was surprisingly steady and easy to stay upright on top of the elephants head! This is the traditional way to ride the elephants and you should never ride in a box on the Elephants back as it causes injury.

Patara Elephant Farm

The trek was amazing. Some of the smaller Elephants wandered alongside playing. It really appeared that the Elephants enjoyed it. Then it was time for a swim! Our Elephants were taken down to the water and we swam with and washed them. It was so much fun.

I would do it all over again. It really was the experience of a lifetime and I feel so lucky to have spent the day with these beautiful animals.

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  1. Lynn A Girard

    What a great recap about your day at Patara Elephant Farm.

    My husband & I visited Patara when we were on our honeymoon & had the best time. We loved supporting such a great organization that was more interested in the welfare of the animals than making a quick buck. And the babies, I mean come on they were SO cute!

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