Riga alternative bike tour

An interesting view of the city with E.A.T Riga alternative bike tour.

E.A.T Riga pride themselves on giving an alternative view of the city. The 3pm bike tour was described as leaving the old town to see the other side of Riga. It sounded like a good idea so we booked ourselves on the tour!

Riga alternative bike tour
Me and my bike 🙂

Our tour started at 3pm with our guide Artis. We were adjusted to our bikes,  given a relaxed safety talk and introduced to our hosts before we set off.

A little wobbly at first. (Especially on cobbles..). I soon got used to the bike though. We took a nice ride alongside the river, before heading towards the Moscow district.

Riga alternative bike tour
The ride by the river before heading into the Moscow district

There were 8 in our group plus the guide. With differing abilities we waited for each other to catch up. Artis making stops along the way to tell us about the area.

I was surprised to hear that the population of Riga is decreasing.  The city becoming too big for it’s citezens. Leaving some of the poorer areas falling behind.

Cycling through Moscow district was like stepping back in time. The old wooden houses. The streets where people go about their business. All looking quite surreal compared to the old town. Almost a different place altogether. Artis described the area as time standing still.

After a ride through the parks and graveyards. It was explained that many of the gravestones in the area were removed or destroyed. In any case they have fallen into a state of disrepair. The people are looking towards the future rather that the past.

We were guided to the statue of the chimney sweep and the bricklayer. Artis explained that it was regarded as lucky to see a chimney sweep in Latvia. Rubbing a chimney sweeps brass buttons is considered good luck.  Back to more Urban cycling and we returned to to the explorers club.

We spent around three hours cycling, with stops along the way. More than I have mentioned. (Couldn’t give everything away). It was a great way to spend the afternoon. Although we did cycle through some ‘ghetto’ areas, it was an eye opening experience. We learned some history from Artis and saw Riga from a different point of view.

So if you are interested in E.A.T Riga alternativce bike tours here’s how

Website: http://www.eatriga.lv/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eatriga

Riga alternative bike tour
Chimney sweep and bricklayer statue.

Riga alternative bike tour

Riga alternative bike tour
1905 revolution monument.
Riga alternative bike tour
Horse and tram statue.



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