Sharm El Sheikh – Why we cancelled

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Why we had to cancel our holiday to Eygpt and Sharm El Sheikh

I have always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt. Ever since I was a little girl learning about Ancient Egypt I have dreamed of exploring these ancient wonders.

Sharm El Sheikh
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I was very excited. We had booked a family holiday this December to be based at a resort in Sharm El Sheikh. The plan: we could explore Cairo and Luxor and take trips to Jerusalem, Israel and Petra, Jordan whilst here. Whereas other family members could stay in the resort and enjoy the sun, sea and warm hospitality.

Sharm El Sheikh
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Our plan however was not to be. There were already concerns around travel through the South Sunai area and the British foreign office advice advised against all but essential travel in this area. Our travel routes to Jerusalem and Petra took us straight through this zone.  Then, after the British government raised concerns regarding the circumstances surrounding the Russian plane crash. Our flights and the security of Sharm El Sheikh airport came into question.

In the beginning of November all flights were suspended from the UK to Sharm El Sheikh. Tourists were told to return and leave hold luggage behind due to security concerns at the airport.

Sharm El Sheikh
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We knew then that it would be unwise to continue with our trip. Although it has not been cancelled as of yet, exchanging our holiday to another which would cater for all of our group at this time of year would become more difficult the longer we left it. The fee we had to pay to exchange, although frustrating (the tour operator Thomson could have done a lot more) it was worth it in the end to ensure the whole family were happy.

We can not forget we are very lucky to have not been caught up in the problems in Sharm El Sheikh. Or worse, involved in the plane crash which has now confirmed to have been caused by a bomb.

It is a shame that we had to cancel our trip, but the reasons are clear. Firstly it will be very difficult to get to Sharm El Sheikh from the UK, all flights have been cancelled at the moment. I never go against Foreign Office advice, they give this advice for a reason. Travel insurance is not valid when travelling to unapproved areas, so you are not covered if anything happens.

There are always risks when travelling and usually as long as you are careful, know and follow the rules and look after yourself there will be no problems.

Sharm El Sheikh
Image from BBC.CO.UK

The British government has stressed that resorts in Sharm El Sheikh are safe and that it is the airport security which needs to be improved. I really feel for the Egyptian people at this time, many relying heavily on tourism for income and livelihood.

I hope the security is improved soon so that Egypt tourism can continue to thrive and tourists return. The terrorists want to spread fear and cause disruption and we need to show defiance and get back to normal as soon as possible.

I look forward to visiting Egypt in the future! Pyramids I will see you with my own eyes one day!

For the latest Egypyt travel advice  for British citezans see the FCO website

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