St Patricks day New York 2015

The St Patricks day New York parade is one of the biggest in the world

Celebrating St Patricks day New York. So being a special time for my husband we took a surprise trip to New York. I’d heard about the city turning green on March 17th and the enormous crowds that turned out to line the streets for the parade.

The parade route starts at 5th Avenue at 44th street and finishes at 79th street and runs from 11am.

St Patricks day New York
St Patricks day New York St Patricks day parade New York 2015

There are many groups and bands that participate in the parade, between 150,000 to 250,000 marchers take part! The marching tradition dates back over 250 years with the first March taking place on March 17th in 1762.

St Patricks day New YorkThe marchers include various Police departments, fire departments, high schools and representatives from Irish counties.

St Patricks day New York
Bagpipers in the parade.


St Patricks day New York
Smiling cheer leaders.
St Patricks day
Traditional marching band.

The most touching part of the parade for me were the tributes to those who died during 9/11. 343 firefighters marched holding a flag, each representing a colleague who died in service during the terrorist attacks.

St Patricks day
St Patricks day firefighters memorial for the 343.

The atmosphere at the parade was great. Cheers for those marching erupted sporadically. The street cleaners got a round of applause for following the mounted division!

The rest of New York was in great spirits too. People dressed in green and enjoying the day. It was lovely to be a part of the celebrations!

Everyone is a little bit Irish on St Patricks Day!

See my video of the parade HERE


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  1. The Guy

    As an authentic half Irish person (both my parents are from Dublin) I always find it interesting how everyone becomes Irish on Paddy’s Day in the US, irrespective of their family history 🙂 I must say though you certainly celebrate the day in style.

    • travelgeektara

      Thanks it was fun, we have Irish family too, although second generation. Everyone wants to join the party!

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