Three Years Blogging!

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WordPress has kindly reminded me that I have been writing my blog for three years! Wow, what has changed since I started my journey? And there is so much I have learned along the way!

three years blogging
Starting my adventures..

Why do I write a travel blog?

Well, the answer to this is simple really. I love to travel and writing about it makes me happy, I enjoy it!

What’s changed in three years?

Erm, a lot.  The most exciting change has been the birth of our baby girl who is now nearly one! Time really does fly by.

Our travel style has changed slightly but we are getting the hang of it, and it is making us look at our trips in another way.  But one things for sure – it hasn’t stopped us!

Three years blogging
Visiting Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

A positive influence on my life

Sometimes you need a release, something that takes you away from the everyday. Writing does that for me.  Writing my blog has made me learn about building and managing websites, social media management and how to travel smarter.

My writing and photography have also been featured on other blogs and sites and now I write freelance blog posts and guides too.

I have improved my photography skills by taking and passing an advanced diploma in photography, and improving my cameras too!

TravelGeekTara Blog
Taking photos as usual

What are my plans for the future?

Well, I will continue to write about our travels and my freelance writing projects too. I plan to keep up my photography practice with up coming portrait shoots and ever improving my editing skills. I have a few subjects including my daughter in mind!

As I have already said in my years review we have a few trips planned. Next we are going back to Dubrovnik in September so look out for the updates and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you follow (if not why not?)

I would love to hear my followers feedback. What do you think of the blog and is there anything you think I should do next?  Let me know in the comments below.. much love Tara.

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