Top 10 instagram photos of 2014

Here are my most liked Top 10 Instagram photographs in 2014!

One of my favourite social media sites, I started my Instagram account in March 2014. Here are my most liked posts since I joined this year! I hope you enjoy them and if you are not following me already find me @travelgeektara

Which is your favourite?

10. St Marks Basilica Venice

Number 10 of my Instagram top 10 posts this year is of St Marks Basilica in Venice. The square here is so open and different to the rest of the winding canals and alleys of Venice.

Instagram top 10
St Marks Basilica Venice

9. Innsbruck, Austria

As part of a European trip I visited Innsbruck by train and was lucky enough to catch a beautiful clear day. The coloured houses and mountain background that is Innsbruck make a great photo.

Instagram top 10
Innsbruck Austria

8. Innsbruck, Austria… again!

Another gorgeous view of this picturesque town.

Instagram top 10
Innsbruck Austria

7. Bayon temple, Angkor Cambodia

Angkor had been on my list to visit for a while and it didn’t disappoint. Here are the stunning temple of faces at the Angkor complex in Siem Reap.

Bayon temple Instagram top 10

6. Rialto Bridge Venice

Another popular Venice view. One of the prettiest cities I have ever visited and photographed.

Rialto bridge Instagram top 10

5. Kata Beach Phuket

Another recent addition to my account. This is a photograph I look at and wish that I was back there soaking up the sunshine. Such a lovely place in Thailand.

Kata Beach Instagram top 10

4. Sunset on Dubrovnik city walls

Well Dubrovnik will always be in my heart. This photograph gives a glimpse of the amazing old town where Game of Thrones Kingslanding is set!

Top 10 Instagram
Sunset on Dubrovnik city walls

3. Komang Pluk, moving boats in Cambodia

A fairly recent photo added in November this year. I love the fact that this is daily life for people there. Lots of great experiences on this trip!

Top 10 Instagram
Kompang Pluk Cambodia

2. The Stradun Dubrovnik Croatia

This photo from Dubrovnik got some attention. I love the colours here at night and it seems you guys did too!

The Stradun at night
The Stradun at night

1. Its Venice! Again!

So this is the picture that got the most likes in 2014! Thanks to all my followers,  you guys really love Venice and so do I!

Top 10 Instagram

Where will you go in 2015…?

Tell me your thoughts..

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