Top 10 Spookiest Spots in the UK

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The UK has always been the place to discover the paranormal. The derelict buildings of former mental asylums, crumbling medieval castles and slanted half-timbered inns all play host to the unexplained. We don’t know what’s more terrifying: the wandering ghosts of Victorian children, headless horseman or pesky poltergeists, but you’ll find them all in Protection Supplies list of the 10 spookiest spots in the UK.

Spookiest spots in the UK
Spookiest spots in the UK

Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster

Once the shadow factory of car manufacturer Rover and later an underground military facility. The Drakelow Tunnels serve as one of the country’s most mysterious sites. During its construction, more than 6 people lost their lives in a collapse. One of which is Oswald who is known to mischievously pull visitors hair. Oh, it’s also pitch black too. Good luck.

Pluckley, Kent

It might be an achingly beautiful chocolate-box village, but Puckley in Kent is known as being the most haunted place in the UK. Don’t believe us? There’s a reason why the village has been continuously named as the most haunted village by The Guinness Book of Records. In such a small place, it appears to be difficult to dodge the ghosts and ghouls. Of which there are 12 according to records. Get ready for a fright in the night catching a glimpse of the Screaming Bricklayer, Red Lady and the Hanging Schoolmaster, the latter who was found swinging from the rafters by his pupils.

Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool

Former hospitals have always been the hunting ground for paranormal investors and Newsham Park is no exception. It looks like it just jumped out the set of the latest horror flick. The spectacular Victorian Grade II-listed psychiatric asylum and orphanage with its eerie corridors, hospital wards, derelict morgues and dingy basements is spooky enough. Throw in the common sightings of figures roaming the halls. The ear-piercing screams of former mental patients and the slamming of doors, and you’ve got enough to get most running for the hills.

Hampton Court Palace, London

Hampton Court serves as one of the UK’s most visited attractions. But few know of the ghostly goings on in the stately palace of Henry VIII. We all remember the rhyme of the womanising king’s wives, “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived”. One of the least fortunate, Catherine Howard, reportedly ran screaming for mercy through the palace before she came to her sticky ending at the Tower of London. Today, her tortured soul reported repeats her harrowing screams every day. There are other creepy goings-on too like the figure of a grey lady whose lost soul wanders the corridors at night.

Crumlin Road Goal, Belfast

If you’re looking for a fright this Halloween, score one of the ghoulishly tours of Crumlin Road Goal, a former jailhouse which once held some of Ireland’s most notorious prisoners. Over the years, it’s been visited by numerous paranormal investigators, many of whom report back about the ghostly goings-on. Wander around the old brick tunnels to hear the frightening screams and strange sounds of past convicts.

Raynham Hall, Norfolk

Ghouls, ghosts and eerie goings on have been a continual fixture at Norfolk’s stately Raynham Hall for more than a century. It has become, perhaps, most famous for the photograph of the Brown Lady captured by Country Life magazine in the mid ’30s. If you have seen the image, do a search for it. Be warned though, it’s enough to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. The ghoul in question is thought to be the wandering soul of Dorothy Walpole who died in mysterious circumstances after being locked up at the hall.

Fyvie Castle, Turriff

It’s hardly surprising that the 13th-century Fyvie Castle is so haunted. Over the centuries it’s seen its fair share of murders and mysteries. During renovation work in the ‘20s, the skeleton of a woman was found buried behind one of the bedroom walls. After her body was laid to rest nearby creepy goings-on at the castle became a daily occurrence. Later, the body was exhumed and returned to the bedroom wall. All to try and rid the castle of its ghostly plague. Today, unexplained happenings are still a daily feature of the castle making it one of the most haunted spots in Scotland.

Skirrid Inn, Abergavenney

Places don’t get much more terrifying than Skirrid Inn, a 12th-century pub that became one of the central rallying sites of the Welsh Revolt. Documents claim that as many as 180 criminals were hung from the oak rafters of the pub. This for crimes as petty as sheep stealing. These lost souls are often seen wandering the corridors and rooms of the old inn. It’s so creepy that it’s been the subject of several documentaries including Most Haunted and Extreme Ghost Stories. Even the old judge roams around, presumably retribution for his brutal convictions.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

If your spine tingles at the thought of the unknown, Chillingham Castle won’t be for you. It’s got one of the highest numbers of reported sightings in the country. You’d think that the lost apparitions would emanate from the infamous torture dungeons where many souls left this mortal world in pain. But the most common is Blue Boy whose blood-curdling screams echo around the castle after the clock strikes midnight. It’s said that the skeleton of the boy wrapped in blue cloth was found buried in the castle walls during the mid-20th century.

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

The tiny Gloucestershire village might look like it jumped out of the pages of the Harry Potter book. But there’s no light-hearted magic in these walls, just the tortured souls of a ghostly monk and horse-riding man. If that’s not creepy enough for you, look at the 12th-century inn’s history. There’s evidence to suggest a woman was burnt at the stake at the property for being a witch. The skeletal remains of children have also been found under the stairs with artefacts related to devil worship.

Which spookiest spots in the UK will you visit?

These might be the top spookiest spots in the UK for paranormal activity, but they aren’t the only place to give yourself a fright this Halloween. If you’re looking for a chilling experience on the 31st October, Protection Supplies map of the UK’s spookiest spots may give you the jitters. Where will you be going this halloween? Good luck….you’re going to need it.



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