Top 5 Charity Travel Challenges

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Today, many people are wanting to embrace the concept of experiential travel. Where they scratch beneath the surface of a destination and connect with a more authentic side of travel. Rather than the typical sun, sea and fun holiday (sometimes referred to as flop n’ drop). This is where Charity Travel Challenges come in.

Within this vein, many people are curious about charity travel challenges that allow people to raise sponsorship to fund their trip. Whilst also helping a good cause in the process.  The great thing about this, aside from the financial benefits to the charity, is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded adventure travellers that are of a similar age.

Indeed, one of the greatest challenges with solo travel is that it can be a lonely and isolating experience; even if you’re doing something phenomenal like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.  

Therefore, in this article, we’re going to look at five of the best charity challenge style adventures to look into for next year.


Top 5 Charity Travel Challenges

The majority of people don’t tend to undertake the specialised ascent of climbing Mt Everest, which has an incredibly high injury/fatality rate.  Instead, they opt for the equally challenging yet more safety-focused option of trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp.  The majority of trips start in the eclectic city of Kathmandu and last for approximately two-three weeks.


If you’re looking for a challenge, and are already pretty fit, then heading to Yukon (Canada) just prior to Valentine’s Day. Here you can undertake one of the toughest and certainly, one of the coldest ultra marathons on this planet. This might be for you?  It’s a 100-mile race in temperatures as low as minus twenty-five degrees! It’s a true adventure not for the faint-hearted.


Top 5 Charity Travel Challenges

The world famous Iron Man race is held in multiple locations throughout the world, several times throughout the year.  This is the ultimate triathlon race that requires extensive training. As unless you’re super fit and conditioned to put your body through such a gruelling feat, you’re likely to come out with an injury.


Another favourite amongst adventure travellers is that of the bungee jump, but not all bungee jumps are created equally.  Indeed, you can find many a bungee jump set up in a boring car park that overlooks the concrete jungle of a nearby city. Ok, that’s not particularly inspiring.  Whereas, if you head to Victoria Falls Bridge at the border to Zimbabwe and Zambia perhaps. Or The Nevis in Queenstown, New Zealand you’re in for a much more epic experience.


Top 5 Charity Travel Challenges

In a similar vein to a bungee jump, many people have a skydive listed as one of the experiences they crave before they die; yet again.  If you’re looking for something extra special in terms of the scenery and significance of such a feat, you might want to consider heading to Dubai or Santa Barbara in California.

Would you take part in a travel charity challenge?

In summary, there are all sorts of fun adventure activities you can undertake in the name of a good cause whilst ticking off items on your bucket list.  Just be sure to book with a reputable provider that has a good safety record!

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