Top Reasons You Should Consider Italy For Your Next Holiday

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Top Reasons You Should Consider Italy For Your Next Holiday
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Italy is a great destination to visit. With an abundance of culture, history, lakes, great food, wine, beaches, mountains, and even ancient ruins. It’s not hard to see why Italy is on so many travelers’ bucket lists. Italy tends to charm a lot of people and with each region having its own distinct charm, this makes it a destination that you can visit time and time again. Have a look below at some of the top reasons for why you should consider Italy for your next holiday. 

Roman Ruins

History plays a huge factor as to why so many people visit this beautiful country. Steeped in history you’ll find right across the country. From the breathtaking Colosseum in Rome to the famous ruins of Pompeii. As well as the economic powers such as Milan, Sicily, and Venice that are filled with amazing architecture.

Food and Wine

The Italian cuisine is famous for being fresh, delicious, colourful and filled with immense levels of passion. Whether it’s taking a tour with through Bologna, tasting the wood-fired pizzas of Naples or delving into the pasta and spaghetti of Tuscany. You aren’t going to be disappointed when it comes to Italian food. There is really something for everyone. Along with the food comes the wine. Italian wine is very well known and classed as some of the best around the world. The soil and climate in this country make it the perfect place for vineyards. They are mostly known for red wine, and you will find an array of vineyard and wine tasting tours to tickle your fancy.

Cities and Lakes

Not only do you have bustling, heritage-rich cities but you also have stunning lakes and ski resorts to choose from too. Meaning there really is something for everyone. Milan and Rome are two of the most popular cities to visit. But if you want something a little more relaxing, head to the northern part of Italy and visit Lake Garda or Lake Como.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Italy go hand in hand as the country has nearly fifty world heritage sites. Making this the country with the highest collection of UNESCO designated monuments and heritages. The perfect place for a cultural, historical vacation. Places like the Roman Forum, to the leaning tower of Pisa, draw in tourists from across the world and it’s not hard to see why. These are just some of the top reasons you should consider Italy for your next holiday.

It’s Not Too Expensive

Traveling in Europe can be expensive, however, Italy is considered one of the more reasonable destinations that you could choose. You just need to be smart about it. Travel there in the off-season and avoid coastal destinations in the summers. Sicily and Sardinia are normally no-goes if you’re on a budget too. For example, you can easily find budget accommodation in places such as air b n b whilst still enjoying traditional Italian ways of living. The train system is also a fantastic way to join around, it connects all of the major towns and cities with really reasonable fares.

What do you think of these top reasons you should consider Italy for your next holiday?

These are just a few of the many reasons that you should consider Italy for your next vacation and there are many many more. Do you have any good reasons to visit Italy? Please share them in the comments below. 

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