Top Things To Do In Rome As A Foodie Lover

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Rome is an incredible city that has plenty to offer to just about everyone. Particularly people who are food fans. If you are planning a visit to the city, we strongly suggest that you add a few of the ideas below to your itinerary. Here are some of the top things to do in Rome as a foodie lover.

Top Things To Do In Rome As A Foodie Lover

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Enjoy a coffee

No trip to Rome would be complete without an espresso or three. This rich, velvety shot of coffee can perk you up to carry on with your sightseeing or warm you up from the inside if you are visiting in the winter. There are so many wonderful cafes and bars in the city where you can get a good coffee. So it is hard to recommend a specific place. The best approach is to ask your concierge or a local for a recommendation.

Tour the wineries

Italy, of course, is famous for its wine, and around the city is many a winery tour. It is the perfect activity do on a sunny afternoon. Where you can enjoy the beautiful views over the countryside, find out more about the process of producing some of the best wines in the world and of course, enjoy tasting a sample or two!

Take a cooking class

You have probably enjoyed several delicious Italian meals, so what about having a go at recreating them yourself? Local cooking classes are not hard to come by in Rome. So book yourself onto one so you can surprise your family and friends with your new skills when you get home.

Enjoy a guided food tour

Do your research and see if you can find a guided food tour. This is an excellent way of exploring the city and finding out about hidden gems that you would not know existed otherwise. Find out the very best place to source authentic pasta, parmesan and prosecco, and where the locals go to pick up their ingredients.

Have a gelato

No visit to Rome would be complete with a gelato. A gelato is like ice cream, but much more luxurious, denser, and with a lower fat content. It is said that the ancient Romans made the first gelato by adding fruit to snow from the mountains. It has evolved a great deal since then and is now made mostly from milk, sugar, and other natural flavourings like fruit, nuts or chocolate. You will find plenty of places offering you locally made gelato in the city.

Head to a food market

It is hard to choose just one restaurant in one of the world’s top food cities. In the spirit of savouring many of Rome’s must-eats (all under one roof!), head to Mercato Centrale Roma. The all-encompassing food market opened in 2016 and is home to stalls specializing in meat, cheese, pasta, fish, gelato, and wine. This is to name just a few, as well as the iconic Italian pizza!

Which of these top things to do in Rome as a foodie lover will you try?

Italy is a food lovers dream destination, and Rome is the perfect place to experience it all amongst a backdrop of beautiful architecture and history.

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