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National museum of Scotland

It’s been a while since I visited one of the top UK museums on my list. But during our trip to Edinburgh, the National Museum of Scotland was one of the top things to do on the itinerary.

About the National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland map

The museum is free to enter and is spread over 4 floors. Start at the beginning at the grand gallery where the space surrounds you. Over the four floors, you can see the window of the world which is the largest single museum installation in the UK.  See over 800 objects from a range of times and places. Then choose the exhibits that interest you the most. There’s so much to see here if you have the whole day you might be able to see everything. But if you are short on time take a look at the exhibits list and choose the ones you really want to see.

The star of the show

Dolly the sheep - national museum of Scotland
Dolly the sheep – national museum of Scotland

One of the most popular exhibits here is Dolly the sheep. She is the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell and made scientific history. This lovable sheep was conceived at the Roslin Institute, which is now part of Edinburgh University.

My favourite place

Animal world exhibit

My favourite area in the museum was the Animal world, senses and survival exhibit across three levels at the far left of the building. The life-size animal replicas and taxidermy really put into perspective the sizes and abilities of some of the world’s most interesting creatures. The way the exhibits are set out is amazing. It gives you something interesting to see and learn about no matter where you are looking. They are interactive too so you can really get involved instead of just walking around and viewing. Even though it was only myself and my husband that visited, I know my young daughter would have loved this too.

Some other great exhibits

Egypt exhibit National museum of Scotland

We didn’t visit every exhibit in the museum but we managed to get through quite a few. I enjoyed the Scottish history exhibits on the right side of the building. I always enjoy Ancient Egypt and Asia exhibits so the level five exhibits are one of my top choices. The art and design exhibits are also worth a visit in my opinion.


The museum is very accessible, with stairs, ramps and lifts across all of the floors. There are also restrooms on each level. At the bottom level, you can find the gift shop with a range of interesting souvenirs. It is a well thought out layout with plenty of space which makes it accessible to all.

Getting there and when to visit

The National Museum of Scotland is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day apart from 26th December and 1st January when the museum is open 12 midday until 5 pm and is closed on 25th December. It is free to enter and you can offer a donation if you wish. The museum address is Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1JF.

Have you been to the National Museum of Scotland?

I like to go to the local museums wherever I go and plan to visit the top museums in the UK on my list. Have you visited this museum? What did you like best? Can you suggest any other museums in the UK to visit?

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