Trafalgar falls and Titou gorge Dominica

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Exploring Trafalgar falls and Titou gorge Dominica Caribbean.

To make the most of our day on the beautiful island of Dominica we decided to explore the natural wonders of the place. Trafalgar falls and Titou gorge are popular sites to visit. Dominica is a lush volcanic island which boasts rainforest and the famous Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

Trafalgar falls and Titou gorge
Trafalgar falls and Titou gorge trip.

Our tour guide looked after a minibus full of tourists. Our drive was really interesting, taking regular stops to marvel at the beautiful views. As it was Christmas time we learned about the local traditions and food served at this time of the year.

As we drove higher and higher the temperature dropped. The air became thicker with less of a breeze and I wished I had brought some drinking water along with me! Once we got off the bus there were always a few vendors around so I managed to get myself a drink on the way.

Trafalgar falls
Trafalgar Falls.

Our first stop was Trafalgar falls. We walked a short trek through rainforest to a viewing platform. Here we could see both waterfalls, the mother and the father. The taller of the falls, the father, drops 200 feet. The mother is adjacent shorter, wider waterfall. I enjoyed taking pictures here!

The mother Trafalgar falls.
The father Trafalgar falls.
Trafalgar falls and Titou gorge.
The Mother and the Father waterfalls.

I would have liked to spend more time here. However being on a schedule we trekked back down to our waiting minibus and carried on our tour.

Next stop was Titou gorge. Famous for being featured in the film Pirates of the Caribbean where a narrow gap leads to a pool and a hidden waterfall. Due to the current and being pregnant at the time I watched from a platform as others swam through the small gap. Life jackets were provided to those who swam and both adults and children took the plunge.

View over the national park in Dominica.

The waterfall was strong so  swimmers could not swim out into the pool beyond. We did get a show from one of the guides who recreated the film scene by jumping from the platform into the pool below.

The water was described as “refreshing”. Which just meant pretty cold from the shrieks I heard as people entered the water!

titou gorge
Swimming through the gorge.

After finishing up here we were taken back to the town. The trip lasted half a day which left us with some time to explore some more of Dominica.

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