Travel agents – do we use them?

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High Street Travel agents – do we use them?

With the growth of the travel industry over the Internet… do we walk in to high street travel agents to book our holidays anymore?

Everyone wants to get the best deal! But can we find these deals ourselves or do we need a little help? Do we want to spend the time searching or do we want someone to do it for us?

I of course love planning trips and spend most of my spare time searching and planning. I can’t remember the last time I walked into or even noticed a high street travel agent.

With the information available over the Internet from review sites and bloggers, we have the opportunity to speak to and hear from real people who have personal experiences of the destination. Holiday makers and travelers are today more trusting of people who are not affiliated with a particular brand. Who are not just trying to sell you a holiday!

Now not all travel agents are bad though and there are positives to booking through an agent. For example better protection from cancellations and opportunities to replace or exchange bookings.

If you don’t want to plan your own trip there are many different types of travel agents out there online. Some types of holidays are best booked through a travel agent. Someone who knows their niche. From responsible tourism, adventure holidays and all inclusive resorts. There are so many to choose from.

So how do I plan and book my trips?

I am a big fan of Skyscanner to search for available flights. I have learned then to check the flights directly with the airline and book direct.

Twitter is the best resource for me. There is so much information and opinions out there. Just search for the destination or ask a question.

Tripadvisor of course is a great place to find independent reviews. You will find hotel, restaurant and attraction reviews here.

Of course there are times when I will use travel agents. (I booked a package deal to Mexico with first choice which was great) is a great place to book hotels. With the option of free cancellation, you can book early deals and get the best price without paying up front!


 Do you have any tips when booking trips?

Tell me your thoughts..