Travel memories with El Camino Bracelets

Collecting travel memories – El Camino bracelets review

When exploring countries, continents or historic sites every travel geek wants a way to collect their travel memories. A friend of mine who also loves her travelling told me about El Camino bracelets and I decided to check them out. (Thanks Gemma!)

The concept of these bracelets is to represent the individual path you have taken around the world. Wearing your bracelet tells own travel story and grows with you. I thought wow this is a great idea and wanted to document my own story.

The lovely people at El Camino, Candace Kellough and Tom Lane  (see their story here) sent me my very own purple bracelet and two steps to start my collection. 🙂 .

I received my bracelet within two days packaged in a lovely canvas bag and my steps were sealed in their own small packets. I loved the personal touches in the packaging too.

travel memories
Single purple bracelet.

The bracelet itself was sturdier than I expected. The clasp was easy to use and the handmade cord is very strong but also really light. They come in different sizes. (In cm). But information on the website makes it really easy to measure and find out which size you need.

Travel Memories
Croatia step.
Travel memories
Thailand step.

I chose the Thailand and Croatia steps to start my travel memories collection. They were easy to put onto the bracelet and the shape of the cord means they don’t fall off the end. I was pleased to find that a coconut spacer came with the steps too!

I am excited about adding more steps to my bracelet. Catching up with places I have been and adding new ones as I continue with my travels. What a great way to commemorate my travels.

Travel memories.
Collecting my travel memories with my very own El Camino bracelet.

There are 240 different country steps to choose from, small steps which include popular cities and region steps too. (Which add a bit of colour to your collection). Start your collection here.

If you are interested in purchasing your own bracelet and collecting your own travel memories check out the El Camino website. Bracelets start from as little as £21.99.

Make sure you check out their Facebook page this weekend for your chance to win from El Camino.

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