Verona City Break – Exploring as a Family

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I have visited Verona once before but we only stopped off during our interrail trip between Rome and Venice. This time we decided to slow it down and stay here for a few days. I’m glad we did, it is such a beautiful city and we enjoyed a relaxed few days on our Verona city break.

Where we stayed

Just a few minute’s walk from Juliet’s balcony, our apartment for a couple of days was Verona Luxury Home Corte Regia. This place was more than a home away from home, we relaxed in the courtyard with lunch, watched Netflix during the evenings and generally chilled out. We had everything we needed for a comfortable stay.

Verona luxury home corte regia
Verona luxury home Corte Regia

What we did

The buildings and architecture in Verona are amazing. We visited the beautiful squares of Piazza Delle Erbe and Piazza di Signori. The atmosphere is laid-back and there are market stalls, full of souvenirs, food and crafts to browse. They are the perfect place to sit a people watch. We returned to these places for a break after visiting some of the cities most famous sights.

Verona Arena

Verona city break - Verona arena

An imposing ancient building, still in full use for concerts and operas today, the Verona Arena is one of the most well-preserved structures of its kind. We bought a ticket at 10 euros each, (free for children under 7) and explored. You can climb right to the top and look out over the whole arena and walk right up to the stage. We sat as our three-year-old performed her own rendition of ‘Let it go’. Before sheltering from the rainstorm that descended upon us!

Juliet’s House and Balcony

Verona city break - Juliet's house
Statue of Juliet and love notes posted at the site.

A must-visit for any Verona city break. Juliets balcony is said to be an inspiration for Shakespeare’s famous play. The last time we visited we just took a look from the building on the other side of the balcony. But it had changed this time and we decided to explore the house and took a moment to step out on the famous balcony too. The entrance cost was 6 euro per person and kids are free.

Ponte Scaligero or (Ponte di Castelvecchio)

Ponte Scaligero (Ponte di Castelvecchio) - Verona city break
Ponte Scaligero (Ponte di Castelvecchio)

We headed west of the city and made our way to the beautiful bridge. It was fun to walk along and climb the steps within the bridge to enjoy the views. We explored the shore as the river levels were low and walked underneath the bridge. Then we walked to a nearby playground and our girl had fun playing.

Piazzale Castel San Pietro

Piazzale Castel San Pietro view

We crossed the Ponte Pietra from the central city and enjoyed the climb to the top of Castel Hill. There are lots of steps but the views across the city from the top are worth it. Then we took the funicular down the hill which was a lovely ride. Looking out over the city.

What to eat in Verona

Food in Verona
Food in Verona

We picked up supplies at the supermarket and had breakfast and dinner in our apartment. There are some great meats and cheeses and fresh bread available so we took advantage of this. As well as the good value supermarket prosecco too. We bought street food the second night too and brought this back to eat in the courtyard where we were staying.

So, we only ate out at lunchtime. We tried pizza, pasta and meat dishes and of course, some delicious gelato. There are so many restaurants dotted around the squares, it is easy to find somewhere to stop and eat. Most menus are on show, so you can take a look before you are seated. The city is not as expensive as Venice but still pricey due to tourist attractions close by.

Would we recommend a family Verona city break?

If you are looking for Italian charm, history culture and a relaxed atmosphere then Verona is the perfect place. It’s an easy place to get around by foot and lots of open spaces which is great for kids. Plus the food is great for even the pickiest of eaters. If you are thinking of visiting Verona as a family then I totally recommend it. There are ways to keep the costs down and plenty of free things to do too.

Have you been to Verona? What was your experience?

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