Visit These 4 Countries Before All The Tourists

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In 2019, there are more people than ever traveling the globe. Whilst this has provided lots of benefits for local economies across the world, and the travel and tourism industry. It’s made finding an unearthed gem for your next trip even more difficult. Even previously unexpected locations such as Palestine, Egypt, Vietnam and Tunisia are now in the top five fastest growing tourist destinations worldwide. So here are some tips to visit these 4 countries before all the tourists.

1) Montserrat

Visit These 4 Countries Before All The Tourists Montserrat
Visit These 4 Countries Before All The Tourists – Montserrat

The Caribbean continues to be an extremely popular destination for tourists from across the globe. However, with 28 separate nations and over 7,000 individual islands in the region, there are lots of opportunities to visit some of the more unheralded destinations. 

The recent history is a sad but fascinating tale for the British Overseas Territory. In 1995, the island endured the catastrophic Soufriere Hills volcano eruption. Which completely buried its capital city, Plymouth, under a cloud of ash and debris. This event forced the nation’s population to relocate either overseas, or to the north of the island. Where Montserrat has been slowly rebuilding ever since. Tours to the ‘modern day Pompeii’ city of Plymouth are available. It’s a must for anyone who visits this extraordinary island. 

Top travel tip:

Direct flights from the UK and USA aren’t available. So, the final leg of your journey will have to be a short flight from one of the surrounding islands or a boat trip. 

2) San Marino

Visit These 4 Countries Before All The Tourists - San Marino
Visit These 4 Countries Before All The Tourists – San Marino

San Marino is arguably one of Europe’s most underrated destinations. Located within the Italian countryside, this tiny nation boasts a population of just over 33,000 people. As one of the longest standing republics in the world, San Marino has thankfully retained its historical feel. The capital city, San Marino City, is a fascinating maze of medieval architecture. 

Visiting San Marino can be a fantastic segway during a trip to the more popular destinations in Italy. Or it can be enjoyed as a dedicated trip. Escaping the crowds can be quite difficult in cities such as Venice , Rome and Milan, so San Marino can really feel calm.

Top travel tip:

Make sure you incorporate a visit to the Three Towers of San Marino and just take in the stunning views of the local countryside. 

3) Comoros

Comoros is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean with a population of around 800,000 people. However, it’s largely untouched by global tourism with just an estimated 3,000 visitors per year to the islands. Whilst this makes Comoros a perfect entry for this blog, the low number of tourists shouldn’t put you off a trip to the lesser known Indian Ocean destination. 

Comoros provides a real eclectic mix of geography that delivers a stunning backdrop to the quaint villages and towns dotted across the islands. Given the low number of tourists that visit the islands, the Comoros has a relatively basic tourism infrastructure, which means that finding accommodation and travel on the islands can be tricky. However, that’s all part of the experience! 

Top travel tip:

Because of the island’s connection to France, there are good flight connections and availability, especially from Paris. 

4) Faroe Islands

 Faeroe Islands - Visit These 4 Countries Before All The Tourists
Faeroe Islands – Visit These 4 Countries Before All The Tourists

Another archipelago on our list, the Faroe Islands is an autonomous country that’s part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Located around 200 miles north of Scotland, this little-known nation comprises of 18 volcanic islands and is home to nearly 50,000 people. 

Without visiting the islands, it’s difficult to put into perspective the breathtaking nature and almost unfathomable beauty of its geography and landscape. The Faroese people and government are also extremely committed to keeping up its unspoiled reputation. In April 2019, they launched an innovative scheme to help build a more sustainable future. They did this by briefly closing its most popular tourist sites and welcoming volunteers from across the globe. The scheme saw over 100 volunteers complete a series of key maintenance projects. This helped with issues such as wildlife preservation and transport links. 

Top travel tip:

Keen birdwatchers are drawn to the island because of the large number of puffins that frequents the island’s various coasts and shorelines.

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