What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Digital Nomad

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Working from home sounds like a pretty cool idea, doesn’t it? It’s certainly becoming a more popular choice for working millennials. This is largely down to the fact that jobs are not always easy to come by. Many graduates struggle to find work with their 2:1 degree. So being savvy and thinking outside of the box can prove positive for people who want to work from wherever they want and want to be their own boss.

Now, this isn’t always an easy option, the implications of being self-employed may outweigh the good for some. You must take care of your own finances, your own pension, your own taxes and most importantly your own income. However, once you have found your niche. Which may take time. It’s important not to be despondent if this is your dream. You can start to look at where you want to base your work. Is it time to start moving your work abroad and getting on the road; to incorporate business with travel? Here are some of the benefits of starting that journey as what we call, a Digital Nomad.

You Can Change Countries Frequently 

As long as you have the relevant visas and documents. (and of course a passport). For your countries of choice, you can move from country to country during the year. Countries in Asia and the Middle East tend to be a great choice for nomads because of the living costs and the rich culture. There are so many incredible places to enjoy as a Digital Nomade. Such as Chiang Mi, Manila, Dubai, and Oman, and with an evisa oman visa, an e-visa, which can be easily registered for online. You can spend your morning working and your afternoon exploring Islamic temples and stunning architecture of the Middle East. There are so many destinations to kickstart your journey and this is what makes it such a special adventure. Check how long you’re able to stay in each country as they will vary from country to country and region to region. 

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You Can Change Accommodation As A Digital Nomad 

When you’re travelling and working, you’re probably either renting one place for an entire month, or you’re alternating between Air BnBs and hostels. When you’re a digital nomad, you do not have to pin yourself down to one place. You can opt-in for one apartment for just one week before moving on. The variation to the nomad lifestyle is perfect for people who are easily bored and love to explore. Those who are constantly on the lookout for new things to do and see.

You may want to stay in the city for the first few weeks to enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life. Getting to grips with the travel systems, restaurants, culture and streets. Then choose to go a little more suburban and take in some of the surrounding countryside away from the city. Perhaps stay in a tiny stone cottage overlooking waterfalls or mountainous terrain. The choice is yours, a reason to enjoy this lifestyle and it’s also the perfect way to escape any tourists in the city! 

You Are Likely To Make Friends Everywhere 

If you’re working abroad, you may choose to look at working at a coworking space. There are many countries that have these specifically for self-employed people and digital nomads. Chatting to other people who are going on the same journey as you is a brilliant way to make friends and share experiences. You may even both become so close that you choose to meet up in other countries or even travel together. Making buddies along the way will help you from feeling so isolated from your friendships at home. It can be a big change to leave your family and friends at home and have your only communication as video or telephone calls. Creating friendships on the road will be good for your mental health and it will probably be much easier than you think! 

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You Open Up The Possibility For Even More Business 

When you’re travelling, you’re constantly meeting new people. By handing out your business cards often and leaving them in coworking spaces and with businesses, you can really open up your market to a huge audience. Some companies will favour people who are not based in any particular region. If you’re open to travelling and available for work, that may seem very attractive to businesses that work with freelancers. The more you travel, the more experiences and life skills you gain and this will mirror in your work. If your business is based in travel, then you are incredibly fortunate to be able to harness all the travel experiences you have and put it into your work. Communication is key, meeting people and sharing your story will help build your network. Which can only be a good thing! 

It Brings You Oodles of Confidence! 

Travelling alone can help with your confidence. Suddenly you’re doing things by yourself, with only yourself to think of and ensuring you’re taking good care of yourself. The more you interact with people on your travels, the more confident you will become in both yourself and your business. Your confidence will be even more booming in time because your happiness will be radiating! This will rebound in your confidence and how you talk to people.

Having the freedom of bosses and the mundane tasks means not having to worry about asking when you can take a fifteen-minute break or use the toilet, or go grab a quick coffee at the office kitchen. You set the rules and you get to time management you entire day. In essence, time managing yourself, probably means you’ll get a lot more done. Because you will utilise your three hours in the morning and use the rest of the working day to explore and have fun. 

Do you think you’re ready to make the leap to be a digital nomad? 

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