Why Cardiff Is The Place To Go

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Cardiff castle
Cardiff castle
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If you like in the UK, you’ll probably know that Wales ends up the butt of many a joke. But the thing is, it’s actually awesome! Here are ten reasons that you should make sure that you head to Cardiff asap.


It used to be known as Tiger Bay, Cardiff Bay has seen a significant overhaul. The super-sized Wales Millenium Centre and the Welsh Assembly are spectacular and worth seeing. In fact, the Norwegian church is where Roald Dahl was christened, which is a cool thing to know. If you are into seeing dazzling transformations and regenerations, then you can check out serviced apartments Cardiff bay.


If you like to party, rave, and down a shot or two the Cardiff is cool enough to rival Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds – without breaking a sweat. You can get a full on Friday night experience in Cardiff. Gwdihw is an ultra sleek retro bar, cool for those who are admittedly cool. It has a range of happenings, like live music, eclectic music nights, jazz, and even underground rap. Buffalo is worth a visit. This indie bar is open until pretty late in the evenings, every night of the week – so no matter how long you’re there you can get in on the cocktail action.

Extra, Extra

Surprisingly, Cardiff is one of the UK’s most filmed in locations. That goes for TV and film. If you are a Dr. Who fan, you have probably taken the time to explore the city already. If not, go see what you can spot.

Love Shopping?

If you like to get some decent shopping in, all while soaking up some history and culture, then Cardiff is where it is at for you. There are a few renovated Edwardian-ear arcades that are stunning, and you are seriously unlikely to find anything even close to similar anywhere else.

Views For Miles

If you are a bit of a daredevil, then the chances are you will already have heard about the fact you can climb up one of the world’s largest Transporter Bridges. Okay, you got us, it’s actually in Newport! However, it’s worth a little trip. It was built in 1906 and is one of only 6 still in operation. If you are a keen photographer, or just love to be stunned every once in a while then take those 270 steps to the top and prepare to see for miles (and miles, and miles).


Right in the centre of Cardiff is the stunning Cardiff Castle. A walk along the battlements, strolling on a warm day on the impeccably well-kept lawns, and the numerous festivals make this a bit of a delight. And of course, it’s steeped in history and who doesn’t love a proper castle.


Rugby rules the roost and golf is not to be sniffed at either. Take a tour of the Millennium Stadium, clap and cheer for your team if you get the chance too.

Do you want to visit Cardiff?

If all of that doesn’t work for you, then you will definitely enjoy the company of the people of Wales. The accent, the cheerfulness, and the beautiful country. A visit to Cardiff should be on your list.

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