My year in review – 2015

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Travelling and more – 2015 my year in review

My year in review 2015
My year in review 2015.

It’s been a while since I’ve published a new post so I thought I’d start with looking back at the past year and writing my year in review.
I have visited some amazing places and ticked off a whopping 11 new countries!  (Granted most of these are in the Caribbean). I also re-visited one of my favourite places in the world, Venice.
My blogging style has changed a little and any feedback, good or bad is welcome. I have plenty to write about in the next few months so please keep following!

It has been a year of ups and downs. Some amazing times but also some difficult ones.
I struggled for a while this year with anxiety and depression. It’s hard to admit sometimes that these things affect you and it took me a while to realise it wasn’t a sign of weakness but a sign I needed to slow down and look after myself.

I was lucky enough that during this time my wonderful husband arranged a last-minute break in Venice. A destination I absolutely adore. Visiting here helped me to relax and take time for myself. Wandering the beautiful streets and watching the world go by.  It wasn’t a cure by any means but it took me away from normal life and amongst other things has helped me along the way to improving my mental health.

My year in review
Beautiful Venice my year in review July 2015.

Venice wasn’t the first trip we took this year though. In March we headed to New York City, a surprise trip for the hubby’s birthday. Our first time in the city, in fact our first visit to America so there was plenty on the itinerary. Famous sights and iconic locations were all on the list but the craziest day was joining the party on St Patrick’s day! One of the biggest St Patrick’s day parades in the world it was a great experience.. and so was hitting the Irish bars afterwards!

My year in review
Celebrating in random borrowed attire in the Keg New York March 2015.

After Venice I didn’t have to wait long before my next break. In September I travelled to Riga in Latvia and was pleasantly surprised by the city. My favourite parts of the trip were touring the KGB museum, taking a bike tour around the lesser known parts of the city and of course trying the local beer.

My year in review 2015
Bike tour in Riga September 2015.

That brings me onto one of my favourite topics. Beer.. Now those who follow me on social media will know I post a ‘Happy Friday’ beer photo every week. I have been doing this for a while now and has become a regular feature for more than the last 12 months. In October 2015 this changed.. slightly. We discovered that we will be needing an extra ticket on our travels very soon as a mini-geek is expected in June. Sure enough the switch was made to non-alcoholic beers and now my mission is to find the best tasting alcohol free beer!

My year in review
Enjoying a beer on the way to Riga September 2015 – Happy Friday.

Needless to say this new addition to our family will change the ways we travel for a while but we are determined to keep discovering new places and make new memories.

After this life changing news there was nothing better than knowing I was going to spend the end of the year relaxing in the Caribbean. My first time on a cruise and my first time being away on Christmas day.  I will be writing about my experiences and my visits to many Caribbean Islands soon but my favourites were the tiny island of Bequia  and meeting Dolphins in St Kitts.

My year in review .
Meeting Dali the dolphin in St Kitts December 2015.

Well there we have it. That was a brief summary of my travel in 2015 with a couple of personal revelations mixed in for good measure.

2016 is going to be a busy year. With a new baby coming  I will be researching and sharing my findings about travel whilst pregnant and with kids. My next trip is in March where I will be travelling to Lithuania for a city break hop between Kaunas and Vilnius.

Thanks for reading. Happy Travels and Happy New Year wonderful people! 🙂

Stay tuned for new posts about the Caribbean.

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    I’ve loved reading your blog and being a part of 2015! So excited for 2016 🙂 xxx

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